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September 27, 2009

Is 'poof' the [near-future] meaning of dictionary.com?

Don't look for meaning look for use

Chadwick Matlin, in an interesting article in today's Washington Post Business section, took a close look at the current state of online dictionaries and how Google, if it wanted to, could effectively destroy them — in a heartbeat.

Long story short: when you put a word into the Google search box, you don't get its meaning but rather a list of sites which offer the definition.

With Microsoft's Bing, on the other hand, when you put a word in the search box, the definition appears up top as the first result.

Wrote Matlin, "The dictionary sites know that a new day is coming.... Bing, remember, is small-bore. It routes only 10.7 percent of the country's searches compared with Google's 64.6 percent. (Though it is gaining market share quickly.) The thing that would really upset the dictionary sites' business would be a change in the way Google handles their content. What happens if Google starts acting like Bing?"

"If Google goes Bing, then dictionaries' traffic will go poof."


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Barrette à message (Notice hair slide)


"Transportable notice board to express any of your thoughts. A stainless steel hair slide in which you can slip your message. You can also use this space for a photo or a drawing."


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How much would you pay for a .bookofjoe domain name?


Thought so.

That's why I've decided not to pursue $185,000 in venture funds to purchase the domain when it goes on sale in the next few years.

According to Richard Sammon, writing in today's Washington Post Business section, "Big businesses will shell out for custom Internet domains in the next few years when hundreds of new suffixes become available to supplement .com, .gov, .org and others. Expect domains like .dupont, .exxon-mobil, .amex and .pepsico to flourish."

More: "There'll be lots of generic domains, too. Look for .realtor, .food, .green, .wine, .nyc, .boston, .music, .hospital and others. They won't come cheap: The application fee will be $185,000. That will cover legal costs, processing fees, and the work needed to ensure that an applicant is legitimate and technologically capable of running a domain."

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No Mess Microwave Bacon Cooker


Could it really be?

From websites:


WowBacon™ Microwave Bacon Cooker


If you like really crisp bacon, but not all the grease or wads of paper towels, the WowBacon™ microwave cooker is perfect for you.

Simply hang up to 6 uncooked strips beneath the lid, snap it closed and cook.

Compact enclosed unit collects drippings at the bottom for easy disposal.


It's a hassle-free solution for bacon lovers, eliminating splatter.

Minimizes bacon smell inside microwave and in kitchen.

Dishwasher-safe polypropylene,

5" x 7" x 7-1/2".



$19.99 (bacon not included).

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'WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car powered by chocolate and steered by carrots'

You could look it up.

Long story fairly short: "Following the recent turmoil in Formula 1 arising from the high costs of running competitive motor racing teams... the viability of motor racing is being critically questioned. With this in mind the University of Warwick team... and the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre decided to build a competitive racing car using environmentally sustainable components to show the Industry just how much is possible using current environmentally sustainable technologies."

More here (flickr), here (in-depth Daily Mail story), here (podcast) and here (WorldFirst website).

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Plush Size Yay! Scale


From the website:


Plush Size Yay! Scale


How would you feel if you stepped on the scale in the morning and it always gave you a compliment?

"PERFECT" or "GORGEOUS" or "HOT"....

You'll never have another bad scale day with a Yay! Scale.

Thanks to the principles of quantum physics, a Yay! Scale never lies.

Conceived, designed, handmade, dated & signed by Marilyn Wann of Fat!So? fame.

10"W x 9.75"L x 2"H.




[via Mandy Katz, who wrote, "you should blog it. But not if it's going to elicit the ugly side of all your friendly commenters. (You'd be surprised at the meanness that explodes over any show of tolerance toward obesity.)"]

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Anatomical Diagrams of Mythical Japanese Monsters


The people at HuntingLodge.no noted that these illustrations


by Shogo Endo are from "An Anatomical Guide To Monsters,"


a 1967 book with text by Shoji Otomo,


adding "If anyone can find a copy, we'll take it!"

[via Milena]

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Food Face Plate


From the website:


Food Face Plate — It's OK To Make Faces At The Dinner Table

Gives new meaning to playing with your food.

A plain face is preprinted on the ceramic plate.

Then kids of all ages (adults love it too) add mashed potato beards, spaghetti hair, sausage mustaches, bean eyebrows, carrot lips, and more.



$12.98 (mashed potatoes, spaghetti, sausage, beans, carrots, peas, gravy et al not included).

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