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September 9, 2009

Hagar the Horrible x Andy Capp: Parallel World Mashup


I never read the Sunday comics (or any comics, for that matter) but for no good reason, last Sunday I decided to have a look.


Not really paying attention, I read "Hagar the Horrible" but went straight across without realizing I was supposed to drop down mid-page to the next series of frames.


I couldn't figure out why the strip didn't seem to make sense until the penny dropped and I glanced up to see that I'd moved seamlessly to "Andy Capp."

Then I read them correctly (below)


but I must say the original wrong-headed approach was more entertaining (and disconcerting).

I like disconcerting.

[William Burroughs — along with countless others over the millennia, both intentionally and inadvertently — was here a long time ago]

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Why, that's the second comic strip you've posted this week that attempts to answer the eternal conundrum. I *knew* it: Book of Joe really is scripture.

Posted by: Tara | Sep 11, 2009 12:09:19 AM

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