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September 13, 2009

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Moving a refrigerator


Last evening when I was sitting quietly with Gray Cat listening to the tree frogs and crickets, I noticed that distinct from the never-ending 24/7/365 high-pitched tinnitus I've had since about age 12 — I used to think there was a brain tumor causing it but as the decades have passed and the tinnitus has remained unchanged, unique among all the features and functions of my corpus (TMI? Yes, I can see how that could be interpreted as such, sorry fa dat), I've come to think it's probably middle-ear rather than middle brain [or Middle Earth, for that matter] related) — there was a motor noise.

There was only one motor going at the time: the refrigerator's.

And as is usually the case with refrigerators, it hasn't been moved from its alcove since I bought it back in 1995.

I recall reading somewhere that you're supposed to keep the coils and such in back free of dust for the fridge to work as it's meant to.

Yeah, right.

But maybe, just maybe, if I were to move the fridge out from the wall and clean behind/under it, it would work more efficiently = run less often = offer more silence in the kitchen space to me and Gray Cat — who doesn't seem to be much troubled by noise of any sort or volume as mentioned here previously, routinely perching within two feet of giant speakers blasting Jimi Hendrix at 10/10 volume and appearing to be sound asleep.

Sort of like one of those rockstar children you used to see at concerts, dozing in front of one of those mega tower of power speakers at Wembly Stadium and suchlike.


I happened on the Home Trolley pictured at the top of this post and read where "... moving a ... fridge can be as easy as pushing a shopping cart."

That sounded pretty good to me so I ordered the setup, which includes four rollers and one steel lever.

Cheap at twice the $14.99 price.

Though I may not think so when I write the follow-up from the hospital, hunting and pecking in my total body traction/cast resulting from the thing falling on top of me with only Gray Cat to call for help.

Oh, well.

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