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September 12, 2009

Nixie Concrete Clock


From LikeCool::


Nixie Concrete Clock

By designer Daniel Kurth, featuring a set of six vintage Z560M Nixie tubes embedded in a fairly hefty block of concrete.

The time in the photo above is 10:28:09.

The Luxembourgish designer enclosed the shiny orange Nixie tubes in a rough reinforced concrete body which can optionally be wall-mounted.

The strength of this design lies in the application of "retro technology" and its interesting combination of components and materials, where one is easily fooled as to what is old and what is new.

All electronic components in this fully functioning prototype are assembled by hand.

Unlike other clocks that make use of Nixie tubes, this one does not read like a traditional display.

Kurth noted that clocks — regardless of their esthetic value — sometimes form a disturbing factor in one's house, since being constantly reminded of the time can be stressful.

By rearranging the display, one can enjoy the playful interaction between the 6 different tubes without realizing straight away what time it is.

A short focus will, however, allow you to use it as a "normal" clock.



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[via Alistair Why]

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