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September 4, 2009

Pawz Dog Boots


From the website:


Pawz Rubber Dog Boots

Made of durable but thin rubber for a secure sock-like fit, these resusable dog boots allow full paw motion, so your dog won't mind wearing them.

Great year 'round, they make especially convenient winter boots to protect paws from road salt or cutting ice.

You get a pack of 12 biodegradable boots: when one wears out, simply throw it away.

They protect without padding so dogs can feel the ground they walk on.

They can even romp in the mud or snow without the boots falling off.

The boots go on easily, with no zippers or straps to get in the way.


Please specify Small (Red); Medium (Blue); Large (Purple); or Extra-Large (Green).


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Looks a bit silly, but I can envision some practicality.

Yet I somehow wonder if the people who might think the idea practical will go with the offered color choices? Would sheep fall over laughing rather than be herded by a Border Collie wearing blue booties?

Posted by: teqjack | Sep 4, 2009 10:21:16 PM

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