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September 19, 2009

Wristwatch Camcorder

What happened to the bowtie?

From the website:


Wristwatch Camcorder

This analog watch has an undetectable camcorder that provides hands-free video recording.

The camera's lens is the size of a pinhole and is located at the two-o'clock position, yet the watch's hands never obscure the lens.

The watch's 1.3MP camera records video at 352 x 288 resolution, storing up to 12 hours of AVI-formatted video in its built-in 2GB flash memory.

The microphone is located on the outer case.

Quartz movement provides reliable timekeeping.

The camera's rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of use from a four-hour charge using the included USB AC adapter (which also allows you to copy your videos to a PC running Windows).

Stainless steel case and band.

Watchface: 1/2"H x 1-1/2"Ø.



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Can you tell me who actually makes this watch? Does it say SecuriX on the face...?

Posted by: Milt | Sep 21, 2009 9:43:56 AM

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