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October 9, 2009

The dark celebration of Gehard Demetz


Wrote Apostolos Mitsios on yatzer, "Gehard Demetz is a mystery artist, the only thing that we know about him is that he was born in 1972 in Italy and that he currently lives in the mountains of Selva Gardena. Maybe this is the only thing that matters when you set an eye on his absolutely marvelous wooden sculptures, since you forget everything you may have in your mind. Why lie, this is not wood, this is the material of dreams.  And dreams are the perfect place for dark surrealism to rise. What are those lost children looking for? What’s the story that they hide? They look at you and it seems that they are inviting you to torture them. Or to pay for having tortured them in the past, as if they were the habitants of a forgotten orphanage where bad things were happening."


Above and below, "You Have Stolen My Silence" (167.5 x 55 x 38cm).


"Their sad expressions come as a contrast to the almost porcelain aspect of the wood. It seems that innocence was interrupted there and now it’s time for justice, for the revenge of the good. The missing wooden parts of the sculptures reveal the aching truth. That life may be at moments superficial and seemingly happy-go-lucky, but nobody can hide from the past, nobody can escape his ghosts. Gehard Demetz’s sculptures leave you defenseless. Addicted to darkness, you keep begging for more."

Below, "My Headphones Save My Life" (158 x 38 x 35cm).



Above and below, "I Hear The Spirit While I Whisper" (166 x 105 x 37.5cm).


Below, "Don't Cry in Public" (170 x 108 x 34cm).


Demetz is represented by Galleria Rubin in Milan.

[via Milena]

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Phishing attack so good it almost fooled me


Pictured above, it came in about 40 minutes ago.

I was about to click on the link to create a new password when I thought, wait a minute.

So I went to Twitter, logged out and then tried to log back in with my old password.

Worked fine.

Caveat lector.

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MineThatBirdTV is on the air

"Mine That Bird, the Kentucky Derby winner, can now be seen live on streaming video [screengrab above] at Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, California," noted an item in yesterday's New York Times.

More: "Mine That Bird is to run in the Goodwood Stakes on Saturday and the Breeders' Cup Classic on November 7 at Santa Anita. He can be seen at oaktreeracing.com."

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Japanese Flu-Fighting Suit


Out of Japan comes the world's first suit coated with titanium dioxide (above), "which reacts to light to break down and kill the virus when it comes into contact with it," wrote Julian Ryall in an October 6, 2009 Telegraph story, which follows.


Japanese suit that fights flu

A Japanese company, Haruyama Trading Co., has developed a suit that it claims protects the wearer from the deadly H1N1 strain of influenza.

The company has produced 50,000 of the suits and will start selling them on Thursday, according to a company spokesman.

The suit is coated with the chemical titanium dioxide, which reacts to light to break down and kill the virus when it comes into contact with it, according to Junko Hirohata. The chemical is a common ingredient in toothpaste and cosmetics.

The suit - which is indistinguishable from any other worn by Japan's legion of "salarymen" - comes in four colours and styles, which are medium grey, charcoal, navy and a grey pinstripe. It will go on sale for about £365.

The company said it spent a year developing the suit, which retains its properties even after being washed numerous times.

Japan has been gripped by swine flu fear since the global outbreak began a year ago, with the World Health Organisation confirming more than 340,000 cases worldwide and around 4,100 deaths.

A seven-year-old boy became the latest victim in Japan on Sept 22, the youngest and 18th fatality from the disease here.

In the same week, medical institutions across the country reported treating 23,275 cases of influenza, the majority with the new H1N1 strain. Most of the new cases were reported in urban areas, where population density increases the risk of transmission.


[via Milena]

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'Blogs without topics are a waste of time' — Penelope Trunk


The doyenne of the Brazen Careerist made that the topic of a post in her blog this past Tuesday.

That got me thinking.

I mean, what's my topic?

Lots of stuff — but that's the same as no topic at all.

No focus.

The opening sentence of her post: "Stop thinking that you are such an incredibly wide-ranging thinker with so many interests and insights that you cannot be pinned down to just one topic."


Maybe I'm wasting my time — and yours.

Sure is fun, though.

I think I'll keep on keeping on wasting time just the way I am — at least, till time doth waste me.

In one respect, at least, she and I agree completely.

I was all set to jump on the new "trash Trunk" bandwagon after reading Kathleen Parker's column in this past Wednesday's Washington Post about how Trunk tweeted news of her miscarriage last month as it was happening during a business meeting.

Just for the heck of it, though, before I did so I wandered over to Trunk's blog to see what she had to say about the uproar and learned that she has Asperger syndrome and thus is prone to all manner of shoot first, aim later behavior, which has done her in on numerous occasions over the years.


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The Browser — 'The world in a window'


Nice site, featuring all manner of interesting things.

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Ammo Wizard — Got shell casings?

From the website:


Ammo Wizard

Due to popular demand the Nut Wizard has developed a smaller size for picking up ammo and brass cartridges. We have received numerous requests for a smaller version as the original small unit would hold only 10-15 cartridges before falling out. Extensive tests have been conducted by competitive shooters and they all praised it highly. It met all their expectations and will hold 25 to 35 spent cartridges, depending on size. This tool is on a 4-foot handle and requires no bending to recover your brass. Each Nut Wizard comes with a wire bracket that attaches to the rim of any standard bucket and allows for easy and fast emptying in just seconds. Roll the Nut Wizard over the spent cartridge and it pops in the basket. This will not damage the brass in any way and it is ready for reloading. This will definitely save your back as no bending is necessary.

We also tested the medium size Nut Wizard in picking up spent shotgun shells and it worked perfectly for all sizes . Exact same procedure: No Bending - Easy to Empty - No damage to shell - Very Easy To Use.


$45.50 (weapons and ammunition not included).

[via James Leftwich, writing in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Elon Schoenholz]

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Ham Dogger


Bizarro World Invention of the Year.

From the website:


Ham Dogger™

Ham Dogger forms hot dog-shaped quarter-pound hamburgers.

Also has features to stuff the "ham dog" with any number of delicious fillings.

Create a fun third option at picnics and backyard barbeques.

Ideal way to put extra hot dog buns to use.

9-1/2" x 5" x 2".




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