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October 22, 2009

'Georgetown student seeks personal assistant' — It pays to advertise


In this instance 19-year-old Charley Cooper, a sophomore at Georgetown University who "... has a full load of classes, hours of homework and a part-time job at a financial services company," is gonna make a whole lot more than the person he ultimately takes on to organize his closet et al as a result of the personal ad (above) he placed last week on the school's student employment website.

Jenna Johnson's story on the front page of today's Washington Post Metro section has details.

She wrote, "Cooper would answer questions only through messages sent on his Facebook account, which features a photo [below]


of a man in a striped polo shirt holding a champagne flute."

I must say that I very much enjoyed the last four paragraphs of Johnson's article, which follow.

"Still, springing for a personal assistant is 'definitely out of the ordinary,' said Bonnie Low-Kramen, the longtime personal assistant to actress Olympia Dukakis. Low-Kramen teaches workshops to aspiring celebrity personal assistants and wrote a book titled 'Be the Ultimate Assistant.'"

"'Whenever someone gets wealthy or famous, things can fall through the cracks,' she said. 'There's no chance someone like Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie end up on all of those covers without a team of people.'"

"But college students are rarely mature enough to handle the responsibility of managing a personal assistant, said Low-Kramen, whose son is a senior at the University of Maryland (and does not have a personal assistant)."

"'There's a benefit to learning to do things on your own,' she said. "I know — college is stressful, there's a lot to do. But the pressures are still nowhere near needing a personal assistant.'"

I'm voting for "But college students are rarely mature enough to handle the responsibility of managing a personal assistant" as my favorite quote of the week.

Truly bizarro.


I wish I were smart enough to think up something as clever as Cooper's ad.

Hmmm... maybe I should apply to be his personal assistant; perhaps proximity would result in some of his inventiveness rubbing off on me.

I mean, who doesn't believe that "insanity is contagious – you catch it from your kids" isn't just a clever bumper sticker?

The Georgetown Voice's blog Vox Populi, in a post last Friday, called Cooper's ad "... easily the most absurd job posting ever to be put up on the Student Employment Office website."

Some of the over 160 comments on the Vox Populi post are very amusing.

[via Erika Niedowski writing in the Washington City Paper]

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Star Trek Internet Communicator


Good backup for when the ansible's down.

From the website:


Star Trek Internet Communicator

Although it is unable to use "subspace" frequencies for instantaneous interstellar communication, this Star Trek Communicator serves as an internet phone.

Faithful to the original design first seen in the original series, it plugs into a Mac or a PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 using its built-in USB cable, allowing you to use it to make internet phone calls (requires broadband internet connection and your preferred voice-over-IP software).

Widely claimed to have served as the inspiration for the modern cell phone, the communicator "chirps" when flipped open, one of the 21 included sound clips from the original series.

The hallmark Moiré-patterned circle lights up using LEDs.

4-1/4"L x 2-3/4"W x 1"D.

5 oz.



Note: Don't confuse the functional device above with last year's Version 1.0 (below),


which was basically a tricked-out paperweight.

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Monroeville Mall 2009 Zombie Walk

Wrote Kris Maher in today's Wall Street Journal front page story, "... this area boasts a special connection to the reanimated corpses because it's where Mr. [George] Romero... got his start."

More: "Hundreds of pale-faced zombie wannabes gather here to lurch and stumble through the mall that served as the setting for George Romero's 1978 horror classic, 'Dawn of the Dead.'"

For those who've now had their appetites whetted (you know who you are...), YouTube has a whole lot more where the one up top came from.

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iPod Pocket Video Projector


From the website:


iPod Pocket Video Projector

This pocket-sized device projects a 60"-diagonal image from an iPod, iPhone, or any video source with composite outputs.

About the size of a candy bar, the unit projects bright, clear images and pivots up to 90º to display content on a wall or ceiling.

The projector's LED uses Digital Light Processing Technology — the same as digital cinema projectors — to produce sharp 480x320 resolution with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

It has a manual focus dial, adjustable volume control for its 1/2-watt internal speaker, and a headphone jack for private listening.

The projector's rechargeable battery provides two hours of viewing time after a three-hour charge from the included AC adapter, or from a computer with the included USB cable.

Comes with 3.5mm and composite cables and a padded case.

4-3/4"L x 2"W x 1"D.

Weighs 6 oz.


$379.95 (iPod included? What do you think? Honestly...).

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How many U.S. manufacturers use pronunciation symbols in their trademark name?


Interesting question posed by the redoubtable Joe Peach this past Monday in a comment on my Drano-rave post.


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Ecohime Flush Water Sound Cellphone Strap — 'Disguises all of your bathroom noises'

Sounds pretty good to me.


Foolish Gadgets wrote, "If you’re not one that can handle other people being able to hear you while you’re going about your business in public bathrooms, here’s a gadget to help you out.  Just carry this little rose and it will play the sound of running water to cover you up.  I suppose with a noise like that it could also be inspiration if you need a little something extra to help you go."

From technabob: "What I don’t get is that they made this thing look like a rose, but it only covers up sounds, not smells. I mean, why wouldn’t you design this thing to emit a pleasant flowery scent while it’s doing its job? Seems like a major miss. Well, there’s always Ecohime 2.0, right?"

Vivid Pink, Pale Pink, White or Black.



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bit.ly moves to the head of the class


Since I've gotten serious about Twitter it's become apparent that it's much faster to put a shortened URL into a tweet up front rather than have Twitter do for me, then go back and copy and paste etc.

If bit.ly's good enough for Twitter — which back in May threw TinyURL under the bus in favor of bit.ly — then it's plenty good enough for me.

It's now among my Top 10 most used bookmarks.

In order of frequency used (more or less) they are:

1. Google Search

2. TypePad

3. Amazon

4. Sitemeter

5. GMail

6. bookofjoe

7. Twitter

8. bit.ly

9. Wikipedia

10. Google News

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Blow Away Vase


Ceramic vase by Stockholm-based design firm Front .

Originally intended to be a computer game graphic until Marcel Wanders' furniture label Moooi picked it up and decided to have it produced commercially.

Made by Royal Delft, it looks like a traditional blue and white Delft vase being blown into oblivion by a strong wind.

It's on display in the new ceramic galleries at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, whose ceramics curator Reino Leifkes said in an article in last weekend's Financial Times, "they've taken a traditional handmade object and have used the most technically advanced design technology to take it apart and simulate how it would react to a gust of wind."


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