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October 31, 2009




That's just gross.

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But in the spirit of Halloween, why the heck not?

bookofjoe MoneyMaker™: PopThatZit in the App Store — get on it.

I mean, if Tweet Your Poop cleared the bar this one shouldn't present any problem whatsover.

Yesterday's flag: Romania

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Anatomical Hello Kitty


The result of a collaboration between Medicom Toy and Dr. Romanelli.

Coming soon to Japanese stores in time for Christmas.

[via Street Anatomy, InventorSpot, TokyoMango, Highsnobiety and Freshness]

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Lena's Stone Pillars — Stone Trees of Yakutsk


From English Russia: "One of


the cool natural breathtaking places


in Russia


is 'Lena's Stone Forest.'"


Hard to disagree.

Image credits: V. Grigorev, A. Butorin

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Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set


"Everything you need to get started in spherification, thickeners and foaming agents. Not only the chemicals — agar, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, carrageenan, ascorbic acid, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate — but all the equipment too. A syringe, pipettes, silicon tubes, measuring spoons and a non-reactive spoon, along with a booklet featuring six spectacular recipes."


[via Nerdcore]

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Marcus Brauchli's Stipple People


Judging from the pointillist black-and-white columnists' faces (above) that top their pieces in the Washington Post since its redesign went live two weeks ago, it would appear that Brauchli brought at least a bit of the old Wall Street Journal style sheet along with him when he moved down to the nation's capitol to attempt to jumpstart the moribund Post.

Good luck.

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World's most expensive mouse


Handmade of Grade 1 Titanium with a neodymium scroll wheel.


$1,200 from Netherlands-based Intelligent Design.

[via TOXEL]

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Isaac Mizrahi's new shop opens in Gotham


If it's as upbeat and filled with positive karma as its namesake, it's got as good a chance as any to make it through these down times in the shmatta biz.

Pictured up top, it's the designer's first ever boutique, perhaps because, as he told Patricia Marx of The New Yorker, "I'm good at saying 'Put that on this rack' but I'm not the type to say 'Please buy my clothes.'"

He added, "I love having everything in one place. Before, you had to go to Jeffrey for the shoes, maybe Bergdorf for the clothes, Saudi Arabia for something else."


23 E. 67th St.; 212-288-8111.

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KatKabin — 'The ideal choice for that cool, confident cat about town'


"When you cannot be there to let them in, this is the place for your cat to be safe, secure, comfortable, warm and cozy until you return."

I'm also getting the optional Winter Warmer ($24.99; below)


for those chilly December days when Gray Cat needs to take a nap but isn't yet ready to call it a day out in the great world.

Outside dimensions: 16" x 22" x 13".

Inside dimensions: 16" x 17" x 11".

Door opening: 6.5"W x 7"H.

Five colors: Royal Blue, Divine Purple, Chocolate Brown, Starlet Red and Spring Green.



[via Milena]

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