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October 9, 2009

Ammo Wizard — Got shell casings?

From the website:


Ammo Wizard

Due to popular demand the Nut Wizard has developed a smaller size for picking up ammo and brass cartridges. We have received numerous requests for a smaller version as the original small unit would hold only 10-15 cartridges before falling out. Extensive tests have been conducted by competitive shooters and they all praised it highly. It met all their expectations and will hold 25 to 35 spent cartridges, depending on size. This tool is on a 4-foot handle and requires no bending to recover your brass. Each Nut Wizard comes with a wire bracket that attaches to the rim of any standard bucket and allows for easy and fast emptying in just seconds. Roll the Nut Wizard over the spent cartridge and it pops in the basket. This will not damage the brass in any way and it is ready for reloading. This will definitely save your back as no bending is necessary.

We also tested the medium size Nut Wizard in picking up spent shotgun shells and it worked perfectly for all sizes . Exact same procedure: No Bending - Easy to Empty - No damage to shell - Very Easy To Use.


$45.50 (weapons and ammunition not included).

[via James Leftwich, writing in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Elon Schoenholz]

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