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October 8, 2009

Happy U (PC-Rejoice Companion) USB Massager

From the website:


Happy U (PC-Rejoice Companion) USB Massager

A professional massager designed specifically for computer users, the Happy U imitates and circulates many classical Chinese massage techniques. Whether you want to relax, relieve discomfort or lose weight, its effect is always direct and rapid. It is as powerful as two real massage experts, is never tired and provides hour to hour comforting and luxurious service.

Details and Features:

• Single chip programming design, inspired by Chinese acupuncture and massage techniques it accurately imitates Chinese medicinal practices, and incorporates various masterful massage techniques into one comfortable treatment mode

• Powered by USB port, with optional merchandise it may also be powered by DC/AC outlets, and batteries. It is convenient for the home, the office, or the road

• All metal casing, large treatment patches, powerful vibrations and continuous performance

Main Functions:

• Eliminates discomfort fast

• Relaxes the body and relieves fatigue

• Helps keep you regular to rid the body of toxins

• Moves muscles to eliminate fat storage and help lose weight

Technical Parameters:

• Weight: 40g

• 15 x 11 x 4cm

• Amperage: 50mA

• Power output: 0.3W

• Pulse width: 0.1ms ± 30%

• Voltage range: AC100-250V/50/60HZ; DC5V ± 10%

• Output range (unidirectional): Min 0-5V, Max 60-80V (adjustment is continuous between min and max output (1k ohm load resistance)



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