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October 15, 2009

Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to avoid a deer collision


For a change, something that might be of value.

In today's "Outdoors" column in the Charlottesville Daily Progress, Jim Brewer offers the following tips on making your fall driving experience safer.


• Always, always watch for deer. "I expect them to pop out of the woods at any time. And if I see even one deer along the road, I slow way down."

• When driving through forestland, "I try to stay as close to the center line as possible. This gives me one split-second longer if a deer bounds out."

• The most likely times to encounter deer are at dawn, dusk and when it's raining. "I'm extra careful during these occasions."

• Don't rely on deer whistles. They are gimmicks. Just be observant.

• "If a deer does jump out in front of you, don't swerve. Brake steadily and maintain control of the steering wheel. It's better to hit the deer with your car than to swerve off the road and crash."



[Graphics via Kentucky State Police]

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In our experience with fifteen years of deer whistles, we found that these useless devices actually attracted deer, which are naturally curious animals. They will also come and hang out with you around the campfire, particularly if there is a guitar being played.

Posted by: Jesse | Oct 16, 2009 8:50:31 AM

Oh, deer! Can the Kentucky State Police please make an effort to spell check the Y axis label on their chart next time? Their attention detail is well below "avarage," wouldn't you agree? And, did anyone publish a list of collision-reducing tips for the DEER to read? It just makes sense that you would try to change behavior on BOTH sides of such an intractable problem, doesn't it?

Posted by: Todd | Oct 16, 2009 1:25:05 AM

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