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October 15, 2009

Toilet Fisherman — No! It's not what you think...


Pete Stanley sent me a link to this nifty setup; he wrote:



Loved your post about the Potty Putter so much I bought them as birthday presents for my friends!

On the look out for christmas presents and spotted this:


You've probably already seen it but just in case...."


In fact, Pete, my less-than-worthless crack [heh] research team missed this entirely.

You're hired.

From the Toilet Fisherman website:


Toilet Fishing — Potty Fishing Toilet Game

You loved our Potty Putter, now try Potty Fishing! This hilarious toilet game is an ideal fishing gift for birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day! Try and catch 4 fish in the bowl of water with the provided fishing rod as you sit astride your toilet. Who knows how long you may be in there? With this Potty Fishing toilet game there is no need to rush things. Sit back, relax and enjoy a spot of fishing whilst you finish your business. The Toilet Fishing Set includes 4 fish, a perspex bowl, fishing rod and 'Do Not Disturb' sign! Treat an avid fisherman to Potty Fishing, pack him a few sandwiches and a flask of tea and watch him trudge up the stairs for an hour of quiet time.

If your toilet time is the only time you get any peace and quiet then why not introduce a bit of fishing. You've finished counting the tiles behind the bath and trying to work out what that stain on the carpet is behind the door. Now put your mind in a serene and tranquil state with our Potty Fishing Toilet Game!

If your partner seems to spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else, then Potty Fishing will be the ideal novelty gift for him!

Try to catch 4 toy fish in a bowl of water with your little fishing rod.

Great gift for toilet users aged 4 to 140!

What’s in the Toilet Fishing — Potty Fishing Toilet Game box?

• 4 x Fish

• 1 x Bowl

• 1 x Door Sign

• 1 x Fishing Rod

• 1 x Set of Instructions




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LOL..."Lite Edition"....

I'm sorry, but I think the picture itself just cries for abuse!

Posted by: Joe Peach | Oct 15, 2009 5:44:57 PM

The lite edition dispenses with the rod and just gives you some fishing line and the instructions NOW TRY IT WITH NO HANDS.

Oh wait, this is why I don't post too much any more! Joe is gonna can this one! Maybe I should just get back to drinking...I mean it is lunch time...somewhere.

Posted by: clifyt | Oct 15, 2009 12:28:28 PM

Hey, what about the Disney, G-rated, gag order on this blog? ;-)

Posted by: Milena | Oct 15, 2009 11:26:37 AM

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