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October 5, 2009

Rubik's TouchCube

Long story short: In stores October 18, 2009; $150.

Here's Warren Buckleitner's September 29, 2009 New York Times "Gadgetwise" blog post with details.


Bust Out the Parachute Pants — Rubik Is Back

While the amount of technology packed into Rubik’s TouchCube is impressive, the big question remains: Would you want to spend more than a few minutes with it before tossing the $150 puzzle through a window?

In stores Oct. 18 from Techno Source USA, this is the second electronic edition of the famous puzzle from Techno Source, following last year’s Rubik's Revolution. Rather than physically twisting the interlocked mechanical cubes patented by Erno Rubik in 1977, you swipe your finger against one of the cube’s capacitive sides to “flip” the colors. There are no moving parts; instead, the multicolor LEDs change color with a flipping sound emitted from an internal speaker, while an accelerometer keeps track of which side is up.

The onboard computer provides hints, or it can solve itself. When it is not being used, the cube sits in a charging cradle and lights up, making an ideal geek’s night light.

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