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October 21, 2009

'The Pros and Cons of Auto-Tweeting Blog Posts'


That's the title of an excellent August 17, 2009 Performancing.com article by J. Angelo Racoma which I happened on while Googling for a service other than Twitterfeed that auto-tweets blog posts, seeing as Twitterfeed stopped working for me about a week ago for no apparent reason, though I'm beginning to think it may be due to a password change forced on me by Twitter as a result of someone having compromised my (and many other) accounts.


Wrote Racoma, "For a while, I thought having these updates on auto-pilot seemed good. But then I realized I, myself, ignored automatic update notifications from my Twitter friends most of the time."

And: "People easily get tired of automatic tweets."

A comment on Racoma's piece: "I totally agree. Putting our blog posts on auto-tweet defeats the conversational tone of Twitter."

You know me, always looking for the lazy way out: I'm gonna stop trying to fix the glitch and leave it broken.

From now on my tweets are just that.

Agree? Disagree?

Don't know? Don't care?

Yeah, that works.

[cartoon by Brad Fitzpatrick]

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Twitter is one of the most annoying concepts in modern life. I tried it for about three weeks and trashed it. I can live without it.

Posted by: Bob | Oct 21, 2009 8:50:57 PM

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