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November 10, 2009

1999 as envisioned in 1967

Quite interesting.

[via Joe Peach]

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Reel Measuring Tape


"Rotate the mini handle on the side to retrieve the measure."

Inches and centimeters on each side of 100cm/39.3" tape.

Keychain included.




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Online credit card activation not yet ready for prime time*


*Of course, you're talking TechnoDolt™ prime time here.

My new credit card has a sticker on the front that says "Please call from your home phone or go online to activate your card."

Well, now, I said to myself, I've got my brand spanking new iMac doing everything but making my bed, so activating online might finally be within my grasp.

Just think, I thought, no more 30 minutes on hold listening to a recorded message playing over and over telling me all the reasons I should buy credit card fraud insurance (even though by law your obligation's limited to $50 if you report it in a timely fashion).

I went to www.bankofamerica.com/activate to do it and ran head-on into the near game-ending gumption trap pictured above.

I'm not currently an Online Banking customer (believe it or not, I've never used an ATM — and never will, how's that for bizarre?) and preferred to activate my card without signing in per the option offered above, so I clicked "No."

Then I came to another page which asked for some information all of which I actually had in my head, instead of having to go and look it up.

Hey, I thought, this is cool.

Then I clicked to continue and got this:


Why was I not surprised?

I'd estimated my chances of success at 10% tops before I'd started so no big disappointment, more a confirmation that things like this are still pretty much out of reach for people like me.

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Talking Teaching Alarm Clock


I like how different this clock looks in its two different incarnations (above and below).

From the website:


Talking Teaching Alarm Clock

This talking alarm clock teaches children how to tell time.

The clock displays a random analog time on a high-contrast LCD and asks, "What time is it?" in a clear female voice.

Children can check their answers by pressing a button that prompts the clock to speak the correct time and display the digital equivalent.

The clock is preprogrammed with five levels of difficulty, beginning with only round hours (three o'clock) and progressing to more difficult-to-learn times.

Times can also be entered manually, allowing you to customize lessons.

You can set the clock face to turn green at a specific time in the morning, signaling to a child that it is okay to get out of bed.

The clock has a working alarm,10-minute snooze function, and a night-light.

Plugs into AC or uses two AAA batteries (included).

4-1/2"H x 4-1/2"W x 5"D.

Ages 3 and up.



"You can set the clock face to turn green at a specific time in the morning, signaling to a child that it is okay to get out of bed" — let me know how that works out for you.


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'You can continue to use your computer during the installation' — but wait, there's more!


"You don't need to restart it when the installation is complete."

I never thought I'd live to see the day when downloads wouldn't require a restart.

It's my first automatic update notice since acquiring my to-die-for-but-much-much-more-on-that-another-time 27" iMac running native OS X 10.6.1.

Just one among the countless improvements and Easter eggs compared to my old 15" PowerBook running 10.3.9.

Dwarfing all else, though, is the new machine's screen.

Sometimes I almost cry, everything's so beautiful on it.

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World's first atomic pocket watch — 'Will never gain or lose a second for 30 million years'*


From the website:


Atomic Pocket Watch

This is the only pocket watch that maintains its unerring accuracy by radio signal from an atomic clock.

Providing accurate time across the entire contiguous United States, it receives a time signal from the radio clock transmitter in Fort Collins, Colorado once a day, ensuring that it will never gain or lose a second for 30 million years.

The case is made from surgical-grade stainless steel; the watch face uses analog hours and minute hands with an LCD that shows date and seconds (a press of a button alternates between date and seconds).

The 14" stainless steel chain terminates in a lobster-clasp.

2"Ø x 1/2"D.




*Assuming, of course, that the atomic clock in Fort Collins continues to send out a signal for the next 30 million years.

Me, I wouldn't count on it....

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The Auteurs — 'Your online cinema. Anytime, anywhere'


Free, the way we like it.

"All streaming, all the time. Nothing to install. Macs and PCs welcome. Any browser. Simple."

Talk about playing my song....


Note added 3:28 p.m. today: Mostly NOT free, as pointed out by two of my readers.

I must have swallowed some bad Kool-Aid.

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Paint Brush Saver Storage Lid



Inventor Steven Frisk gave me a heads-up, writing "the heart of the product is a soft flexible grommet at the top that accepts any size paint brush on the market. The lid is designed to fit any 1 gallon can on the market (they vary by up to 3/16")."


"It sits loose on the can without a struggling snap fit. Easy on and off. No evaporation. Keeps paint brush fresh for days or weeks. No messy cleanup."



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