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November 26, 2009

MorphWorld: Francesco Vezzoli's Lady Gaga into Pris of 'Blade Runner'


The artist's portrait (above) features petit-point embroidery.


Daryl Hannah's 1982 replicant Pris (above and below)


to me is the most powerful character she's ever portrayed.

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Waiting for Romo


Mike Tanier's Beckett parody in the form of a brief item  in today's New York Times Sports section about the Raider-Cowboys matchup later this afternoon is — by far — the best thing in today's papers; it follows.


Raiders (3-7) at Cowboys (7-3) 

In a lesser-known version of his classic — this one titled "Waiting for Romo" — Samuel Beckett tells the story of two men named Wade and Jerry, who wait in a field for a mysterious quarterback named Romo [top] to arrive, achieve his full potential and bring meaning to their otherwise barren lives. Romo never comes, and they spend eternity pursuing unfulfilling diversions: watching characters named Marion and Felix run around, arguing on the sideline and beating bad teams on last-second touchdowns. Beckett's rewritten version of the play reached a wider audience, but it is more resonant for today's Cowboys existentialist.


Few three-word phrases pack more irony than Bruce Gradkowski era, but the momentary spark he provides makes the Raiders slightly more dangerous to the Cowboys, a first-place team that habitually plays down to its competition. Gradkowski [above] is not the answer to the Raiders' prayers, but he may be the answer to Tim Tebow's: one or two more wins, and the Raiders will be out of range to draft Tebow out of Florida and destroy his N.F.L. career.

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Amusement Park Ride From the Future


The graphic above appears on the final page


of the latest issue


of Wired magazine,


the "Found" feature


by Cameron Bird,


with credit going to Shira Fischer, Nathan Kyn and Morris Kyn.

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Volk Ding Zero — by Georg Baselitz


His 2009 oil-on-patinated bronze sculpture (above and below; 303 x 117 x 120cm [119" x 46" " x 47"]) is being shown for the first time at Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden, Germany, 


part of a show (up through March 14, 2010) featuring 15 sculptures and eight paintings which also includes the artist's earliest sculpture, "Modell für eine Skulptur" (1979).

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Bag that bag: Chanel Ankle Boot features leather side pouch




Or should I say, footie?



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Clicker — TV Guide for the web


Yesterday's Wall Street Journal "Mossberg Solution" feature by Katherine Boehret spotlighted clicker.com and concluded, "If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and find yourself searching all over the web for the TV shows you'd like to watch, Clicker will be a huge help. And even if your show isn't available, you might find something similar — or better — in Clicker's recommendations."

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Dolly Salt & Pepper Shaker


Designed by Ross McBride.


4.25"W x 3"H.





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