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November 14, 2009

'Cellphone Backup for Dummies'


But not TechnoDolts™: the only thing I could be sure would happen if I used this would be that I'd erase all the data from my phone.

But you go ahead.

From the website:


Cell Phone Backup for Dummies

With this easy-to-use backup device, you won't have to re-enter cell phone numbers one by one if you lose your phone or buy a new one.

It saves up to 4,000 names, numbers and email addresses with the touch of a button.

Includes adapters to work with hundreds of brands and models.

Requires no computer, software or subscription.

Works across carriers, too.

Uses 3 AAA batteries.


"... 4,000 names, numbers and email addresses...."

What would you say if I told you I had a grand total of 18 names in my phone's address book?



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