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November 6, 2009

Freedom — Just another word for not being online


It's a free download for Macs only "... which blocks your internet access for up to eight hours at a  stretch," wrote Peggy Orenstein in a rave review of the program in the October 25, 2009 New York Times magazine.

She continued, "The program was developed by Fred Stutzman, a graduate student in information and library science, whose own failsafe self-binding technique — writing at a cafe without Internet access — came undone when the place went wireless. 'We’re moving toward this era where we’ll never be able to escape from the cloud,' he told me. 'I realized the only way to fight back was at an individual, personal level.'"


Orenstein added: "I am still surprised by the relief that floods me whenever I bind myself from going online, when I have no option but to ignore the incessant tweets and e-mail messages and videos and news links and even the legitimate research."

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Come on, whatever happened to self-restraint? Whomever feels the need for this internet equivalent of a chastity belt surely has lost all common sense and willpower.

Posted by: Milena | Nov 7, 2009 8:49:55 AM

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