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December 6, 2009

Batman Reference Manual


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From Propaganda: "Ever put your drink down at a party to grab some food and when you turn back your glass is gone? Or you find someone nibbling on your food? Now you can mark your booty by clipping an Identifly on your stuff, glass, plate, fork, paper cup or whatever."

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YouTube 'Feather' Beta



Back story here.

Opt-in here.

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Sweet Horseradish Pickles are the cat's meow


From bookofjoe's Crack Epicurean Team™, headed by the redoubtable Joe Peach, comes the find pictured above.

Wrote Joe, "I just picked up another jar (plastic container) of this most amazing... food? Sweet, not hot, but such a delicate, complex taste of horseradish (akin to a fine wine) to make you never want to be without it. Yes, they are that good!"

That got me off the treadmill and over to Harris Teeter in a Podunk town minute but alas, no Nathan's Gourmet Sweet Horseradish Pickles to be found.

But all was not lost: now alerted to the existence of this item, I gazed with fresh eyes at the deli sections of the store and found Boar's Head Sweet Pickle Chips with Horseradish.



Good call, Joe.

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Cormac McCarthy's typewriter: Episode 2: Going, going, gone — for $254,500


That's what the machine (above) brought at auction at Christie's Friday, from an unidentified American buyer.

Estimated at $15,000 to $20,000, it obviously incited unanticipated major collecting lust.

Wrote Randy Kennedy in yesterday's New York Times "Arts, Briefly" feature, "Mr. McCarthy will not be using the opportunity to go digital after all these years [he purchased the typewriter for $50 in 1963 and used it to type all his novels]. A friend of his recently bought him a replacement typewriter — the same Olivetti model — for less than $20."

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Power Outlet with USB Ports


Welcome to the future.


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YouTube moving to 1080p HD

Wrote Cory O'Brien, "Recently YouTube announced that they would be supporting 1080p HD playback on all of their videos, and a music video that featured The Muppets singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was one of the first to showcase this new ability [top]."

"While it’s exciting to see what a bunch of puppets look like in a higher quality high definition (YouTube has provided 720p HD for a while) it’s the implication of this announcement that really has me excited: streaming 1080p HD television."

"Now I’m sure there are plenty of YouTubers out there who would like to think that this change was made for them, but it’s going to cost YouTube a fortune to stream all that extra data (even with the help of Google’s massive server farms) which means they’ll need to be monetizing their content more then ever before. And while Jonny’s birthday and Jane’s recital will surely look better to the grandparents in 1080p HD, it’s the TV networks and the movie studios that will be willing to shell out the big bucks to get their content in front of the millions of YouTube users. Thus, don’t be surprised to see YouTube make a big announcement in the near future of a premium subscription service that takes on the likes of Hulu and Netflix with streaming TV shows and movies in the highest of high definition. (There are already a few older and straight to DVD movies on YouTube, but 1080p should open the door to newer and better content.)"

"Heck, maybe we’ll even get lucky and Google will announce a 1080p compatible, YouTube enabled set-top box that brings all that new content right into your living room. (And to show Apple what their Apple TV should have been from the very beginning…)"

I'd never heard of O'Brien till he responded to a tweet of mine yesterday.

You meet the most interesting people on the Internet.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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