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December 9, 2009

Just in from Mandy Katz, doyenne of AngloFiles, the news that Ballentine's Scotch has just come out with a bottle that pulses like a graphic equalizer in time to music.

From Design Bulletin: "Designed by London-based packaging agency The Core, the Ballantine's Finest self-illuminating bottle, which can be powered by batteries or mains, is only available to the on-trade."

"The bottle design is modelled on a graphic equaliser, the dark blue spray coated bottle appears to react to the tonal quality of audio passing through it, by lighting up intermittently to achieve back-of-bar standout."


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The Story of Lightning Man


In the latest issue of Wired magazine, we learn how Lightning Man (above), now a familiar sight, first hit the mainstream — as it were.


The Story of Lightning Man

The first issue of Wired, published in January 1993, included a review of Douglas Coupland's "Shampoo Planet," an ad for AT&T FAXsolutions, and a little picture of a guy being struck by lightning. John Plunkett, the magazine's founding creative director, had spotted the image years before on construction signs in Paris. He liberated one and held on to it. Wired provided an opportunity to put the image to use, and it became the logo for the magazine's Street Cred section. "'Danger of Electrical Shock' felt right in line with our self-appointed editorial mission of the time, et voilà," Plunkett says. Over the years, Lightning Man appeared on Wired gear, but he didn't make the cover until October 2009 [above], when creative director Scott Dadich hit upon the idea of resurrecting the old image and hired illustrator Christoph Niemann to execute the update.

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E-Ink Watch


Who needs a Kindle or a Nook when you can wear an E-Reader on your wrist?

Too bad there's no connection to the web or Kindle store.

Bonus: If you're feeling particularly frisky you can reverse the display to white on black.


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BehindTheMedspeak: Wireless 'Digital Plaster'


Speak British?

"Plaster" is Brit for patch.

Toumaz Technology, a spin-off of Imperial College London, has begun clinical trials of the Sensium Plaster pictured above to monitor patients' vital signs 24/7, transmitting the data in real time to a doctor or nurse.

The communications and sensor package requires very little power, continually measuring body temperature, heart rate and respiration, among other variables.

It lasts for several days, adhering to a person's chest.

According to a Financial Times story, "the technology should enable some patients to recover from surgery and illness at home rather than in the hospital."


Considering hospitals are pushing post-op patients out the door faster every day, it won't be long before they'll be operating on your kitchen table just like back in frontier days.

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The color of money: Wall Street Journal women's short sleeve cycling jersey


Green in black and white.


Also in men's versions.

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T is for Tiffany


The Favrile glass T above along with several digits and the letter S, all that remains of Tiffany's mosaic street sign razed in 1920 along with Louis Comfort Tiffany's studio on Madison Avenue at 45th Street, built in 1905, were sold at a Christie's auction yesterday.

Estimated at $20,000 to $30,000, the piece pictured below — weighing about 250 pounds and measuring 74" wide by 21.5" high by 2.75" deep — 


brought $32,500.

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Vampire Duster


"Great for late nights on the prowl."


"Great for your pressure points, thus making you more relaxed while looking fierce."


Silver, Brass or Rose Copper.



[via UniqueDaily and Milena]

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To Go Online, Or Not


[via m.assetbar.com, Achewood and The Daily What]

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From the website:


Stereo Neckphones

Slender, lightweight dual-speaker system with built-in volume control rests around your neck and allows you to listen to music while you to remain aware of your surroundings.

Plugs into any portable audio device with a standard 3.5mm plug (compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch) with its 36" cord.

Dual 1" speakers offer a frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz for high-quality sound and are positioned to project sound up to your ears.

Two flexible sections on either side of the frame enable you to adjust them for optimal comfort.

Requires two AA batteries (provides 15-30 hours of listening; not included).

1"H x 8.75"Ø.

7.25 oz.



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