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December 11, 2009

What makes someone feminine?


Looking at the widely published photo above of Na'vi Jake Sully (left) and Neytiri, stars of James Cameron's forthcoming "Avatar," I said to myself: "How is it that just looking at the photo I know which one's the guy and which is the girl?"

Forget the hair, it's obvious even without it.


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X-Ray Fish Candy


Mmm, X-Rays.

From the website:


3-dimensional fruit flavored gummy candy is perfect for the quasi [not queasy] scientist with a sweet tooth.

These specimens come with the scaly translucent meat separated from the head and bones so one might appreciate the succulent candy fish in finer detail.

Just peel back the fillet to reveal the head, fins, gills, tail, and bones.

Each X-Ray Fish Candy is individually wrapped.

Plus, fat free!


Three pieces for $2.29.

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Resource Wars


[via Lapham's Quarterly]

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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Shaver


Say it ("sea salt shaver") three times really fast.

Note on Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (below)


from Microplane, which makes the implement: "Do not shave this salt with any other Microplane graters/shavers or zesters except for the Microplane Sea Salt Shaver which has been specifically designed to shave sea salt. The other graters will only work a few times before they go dull."


$24.95 (includes "a generous-sized sampling of all-natural Himalayan Pink Sea Salt inside a reusable storage bottle").

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Help! Drain Stopper/Basin Plug


I'm annoyed that I can't have this stopper in every sink and tub in my house.


Designed by Chaiyut Plypetch for Propaganda.

Anyone with a source, let me know and you will be richly rewarded.

That's a promise, not a threat, by the way.

[via Milena]

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Nice logo


For Killed Productions.

[via m,appeal and creattica]

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2010 Bubble Calendar


Pop a bubble every day.

Poster-sized (48"H x 18"W), with days of the week and all major U.S. holidays and weekends bolded for easy reference.


Printed on heavy (100lb.) glossy cover stock.

Don't think about it too long because these sell out in a hurry every year.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Now what do you think?



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Charles Babbage's 'Difference Engine' comes to life

160 years after the great man's insight, his envisioned machine (above) performs just as he said it would.

I was enchanted and mesmerized by the video, and struck by how similar to DNA's helical structure are the machine's innards, seen in action several times from the four-minute mark on.

[via Flautist and Flautist's brother Orren]

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Chanel Snowboard and Skis — Retro Redux


"Plain lacquered wooden top sheet with a central wooden core."

 You want skis?

No problema:


At Chanel stores everywhere.

[via Sybarites]

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