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December 14, 2009

Periodic Table of Cupcakes


From the November 27, 2009 installment of Foodie Friday:


"I helped my little sister bake these periodic table cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow. She’s a chemistry nerd, so everything had to be exactly correct.  Astute chem majors will notice the color-coded icing for solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the empty cupcake liner for as-yet-undiscovered element ununseptium."

[via The Daily Dairy and Neatorama]

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Is this the Apple tablet?

You tell me.

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One of my Podunk town's movie theaters — the Regal Cinema 4 — has no heat


"The heating in the building's theaters [above] has gone out, and the theater's management is tight-lipped about when it might be fixed," wrote Rachana Dixit in a December 12, 2009 Charlottesville Daily Progress front page story.

Lack of heat in winter wasn't one of the many reasons I previously noted for not bothering to go to movie theaters any more.

It just never occurred to me that it was a possibility.

More from the article: "Theater manager Josh Anderson said he could not comment on the situation. 'We’re hoping to get the repairs done soon,' he said, declining to elaborate on how long the heat had not been operational.... Russ Nunley, Regal's vice president for marketing and communications, could not be reached...."

"Though the atmosphere is chillier than usual, area residents have still been floating in and out of the four-screen theater. Orange County resident Linda Dent, still sporting her jacket and winter cap, decided to watch a 3 p.m. showing of 'The Princess and the Frog' on Friday. She said the heating situation didn’t bother her enough to miss out on the show. 'It’s already cold anyway,' Dent said." 

hokie1, commenting on the Daily Progress story, wrote, "Also, the Carmike Theater has no heat! We were shivering all through our movie yesterday."

How do you spell Podunk?

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What is it?

Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Above, a full-page ad in today's Financial Times placed by Avaaz.org, "A global campaign network of 3.6 million citizens who take action for a more just and peaceful world. 'Avaaz' means 'voice' in many languages."

It paid to advertise.

Wait a minute, joe, that's not right — it pays to advertise.

Got it.

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Kevin Mitnick's Business Card



[via m'appeal and  ranh]

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Chunky Move's 'Mortal Engine'

The Melbourne-based dance company is currently performing in the U.S.

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Nail Cocktail Picks




Food-safe foam caddy with weighted base.


18 for $8.33 (hammer not included; use your fingers, booboo).

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