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December 30, 2009

'I'm Feeling Lucky' starts to gain traction at bookofjoe


Twice in the past couple weeks I've clicked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google's search page and each time the result I wanted turned up, ready to use without clicking again to get there.


I'm gonna be doing this more often.

Funny, I'd never before used the "Lucky" function, figuring it's always better to have a bunch of choices.

Perhaps the future of search is in the direction of returning the one best result as opposed to forcing you to search within results.

I like it.

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Magnetic Tape Reel Clock


7" in diameter, complete with new quartz drive and one AA battery.

Bonus: made right here in my Podunk town.


[via Nerdcore and technabob]

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BehindTheMedspeak: Linda Liau, M.D., Ph.D., on the bleeding edge of glioblastoma surgery

The U.C.L.A. neurosurgeon-researcher is featured in an absorbing profile by Mark Wheeler in the latest issue (Fall 2009) of U.C.L.A. Medicine, my alma mater's quarterly.

His description of a painstaking brain tumor (a glioma pressing against the patient's speech and motor areas) resection — the musician-patient awake for hours with his brain exposed while Dr. Liau probes and cuts in response to the patient's answers to questions from a neuropsychiatrist who had previously mapped his brain to identify areas critical for speech and musical ability — is gripping and first-rate.

Highly recommended.

I know who I'm gonna see should I develop a glioblastoma.

At the top is a video showing an awake brain tumor resection.

The video below

features Dr. Michele Aizenberg, a neurosurgical oncologist at the Nebraska Medical Center, explaining exactly when, why and how awake tumor surgery is performed.

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Oil and gold price necklace — 'The rise and fall of metal and nations'


"Gold and oil: this necklace tells the story of the price of gold and oil over the last 30 years."



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Lake Champlain Bridge Demolition in slow motion

The 80-year old bridge, connecting Vermont and New York, was demolished this past Monday, December 28, 2009, after having been closed in October because of erosion of its concrete piers.

The 25-second video above, seen at three frames per second, was shot from the dock at the Crown Point Lighthouse, approximately 1,000 feet from mid-span.


the demolition in real time.

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Underwater Dive Slate — Think inside the shower space

` 1tur

Dive instructor's 6" x 8" wrist slate comes with specially-made underwater pencil and holder.



[via One Man's Blog]

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Lindsey Vonn could teach the NFL a thing or two about playing hurt


The great skier crashed (below)


during a World Cup race in Lienz, Austria two days ago.

According to John Branch's story in yesterday's New York Times, "Vonn lost her balance as she cut tightly to her left around a gate, then flipped onto her back and slid through another gate before sliding to a stop. She spent about 10 minutes on the course receiving first aid. Her arm in a sling, she eventually put her skis back on and glided down the mountain [top and below]."


Makes those little carts they use in the NFL seem downright girlie.

After she'd skied off the course Vonn was taken to a hospital where she was found to have a bone bruise, her arm placed in a splint.

No worries: she raced yesterday with her hand strapped up (below),


finishing in 18th place to retain her World Cup overall lead.

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Inside Out Salt Shaker


TechnoDolts™ will please move along, nothing to see here.


"Classic salt shaker — with the salt outside the shaker."

Tempered glass, dishwasher-safe.



(salt not included).

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