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December 24, 2009

Former gossip columnist Diana McLellan invents Topiary Trash-Can Topper

Diana 1 finger lift

Now retired from her writing gigs, she lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where she tired of looking out the window of her basement sitting room and seeing her trash can, sitting on the front patio of the house she shares with her husband.

She told John Kelly, in his December 10, 2009 Washington Post column, "It was just an affliction upon my eyesight."

So she took a coil of fencing and formed it into a cylinder, then festooned it with green plastic leaves made by a company that sells its product as privacy fencing to create her Topiary Trash-Can Topper (above, with the inventor), which for all practical purposes is a giant cozy that fits around the can.

Her patent application is pending.

McLellan told Kelly, "All my neighbors want them."

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Hi, Joe, and thanks for the sweet plug. Sorry you only had the humbling trollish pic John took with his telephone. (It's reminded me, very seriously, to wear heels and a bra when being shot.) (I'm not even that shape! Pockets were stuffed!) But it's all in good fun, and if the Great Topper (to be known I hope, in England as the Wheelie Wig) blooms, and my millions start gushing in, you'll definitely be among the Sublime Invited to the great garbage-cozy unveiling. Che sera sera! All goodies to you in your noble pursuit, and keep it coming in 2010. Diana Mclellan.

Posted by: Diana McLellan | Dec 31, 2009 5:17:58 PM

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