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December 6, 2009

Sweet Horseradish Pickles are the cat's meow


From bookofjoe's Crack Epicurean Team™, headed by the redoubtable Joe Peach, comes the find pictured above.

Wrote Joe, "I just picked up another jar (plastic container) of this most amazing... food? Sweet, not hot, but such a delicate, complex taste of horseradish (akin to a fine wine) to make you never want to be without it. Yes, they are that good!"

That got me off the treadmill and over to Harris Teeter in a Podunk town minute but alas, no Nathan's Gourmet Sweet Horseradish Pickles to be found.

But all was not lost: now alerted to the existence of this item, I gazed with fresh eyes at the deli sections of the store and found Boar's Head Sweet Pickle Chips with Horseradish.



Good call, Joe.

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Seeing the "boar's Head" label, made me think about something.
Try to find a deli that has most of the "Boar's" line of products, buy a small amount (1/3 Lb.) of 6 or more cheeses, sliced between thin and regular, unless you buy a chunk (advised) and cut it yourself, (sometimes they have seasonal, or not commonly carried items, I think one that blew the roof of my mouth was an "Apple Smoked Cheddar", good God it was... perfection!) you will have acquired another vice!

Posted by: Joe Peach | Dec 6, 2009 6:12:03 PM

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