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December 16, 2009

The Breathable Glass


Purported to accelerate wine's "breathing."

Dave McIntyre reviewed it as follows in the December 2, 2009 Washington Post Food section:

"Produced by the Eisch glassware company in Germany, it is available in different shapes online or at Bed Bath & Beyond stores for $30 to $35 per stem. The Breathable Glass has received an 'oxygenizing' treatment that supposedly accelerates the wine's interaction with oxygen so that after two or three minutes in the glass, a wine will taste like it had been decanted for two or three hours. That seems like an 'Emperor's New Clothes' situation, in which enlightened drinkers will taste the difference while the rest of us shake our heads. Comparing wine in the Breathable Glass with the same wine in a similarly shaped stem, I did notice a difference after about five minutes, but 15 minutes later, the glasses tasted the same. In any event, Eisch makes a very nice wine glass."

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I'm calling my lawyer first thing Monday. These people have simply adapted my device that allows the scent of bull excrement to clearly flow through an LCD monitor, as it happens to be doing right now.

Posted by: Mike Harney | Dec 19, 2009 10:53:44 PM

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