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January 5, 2010

Just how big is Antarctica?


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Flying Saucer Bowl


Acacia wood and stainless steel. 


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NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly gives a treadmill workspace lesson

I read in Jen Murphy's June 23, 2009 Wall Street Journal article that part of his four times a week hourly workout routine is 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill with a slight incline — at 4.4 miles an hour — while reading.

Have you tried walking on a treadmill with a slight incline at 4.4 mph and reading?

I did after learning about Kelly's regimen and I am here to report the following:

1. It's quite tiring — I can do it but let me tell you I wouldn't except for the purpose of this investigation.

2. It's much easier to run at 4.4 mph than to walk at that speed, but Kelly had a knee operation three years ago which forced him to stop running.

3. If you walked a marathon at 4.4 mph you'd finish in just under 6 hours — faster than many runners.

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A real shot of tequila


Limited-Edition Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposada Tequila.



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Missouri Marmite Museum


From the museum website:


The Missouri Marmite Museum celebrates the world's most famous love-it/hate-it item: a yeast extract made from the dregs found at the bottom of British beer barrels, and sold in adorable brown glass jars.
The museum's collection began with one metal-top jar purchased in 1974; today the collection is a broad spectrum of plastic-top jars, toy trucks, cookbooks, stuffed animals, thimbles, toast racks, advertisements, and wearing apparel: socks, t-shirts, aprons, and sweatshirts.  

Parts of the collection come from India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Hong Kong — with the oldest item (1930's) having been excavated from a rubbish dump in Wales.
The Missouri Marmite Museum, located in Valley Park, Missouri, is open by appointment only.   Be sure to ask for a private screening of our exclusive video of Dr. Marmite's appearance at the Museum's opening ceremonies.
You can email the Museum Curator (Doug Schneider) at paradisemo@aol.com.


Englishwoman Maggie Hall's new book,


"The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite: An Anecdotal A-Z of 'Tar-in-a-Jar,'" is just the ticket for Marmite aficionados.



former Daily Mirror tabloid reporter Hall with her fixation.

Washington Post columnist John Kelly described Marmite as follows: "Imagine putting hundreds of anchovies in a blender, adding salt and axle grease, pureeing, pouring the contents on an asphalt roofing shingle, baking under a hot sun for several weeks, then scraping off a black, gooey precipitate and eating it. That is Marmite."

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Invisible Shoe


Created by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves,


the shoes' mirrored surfaces create an uncertain visual terrain.

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Wrote Scott Brown in the December 2009 issue of Wired magazine, "A no-frills Hollywood blog, ScriptShadow is diabolically simple: An anonymous figure who goes by the nom de Net of Carson Reeves harvests scripts from a network of industry contacts.... He reviews the screenplays, critiquing structure, story and character development..... The site is the 23andMe of flicks, reviews at the zygotic level, film criticism by amniocentesis. A precap, if you will."

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Whale Vase




Portuguese designer


Alessandro Bêda.

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