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January 14, 2010

Ibraheem Youssef's Tarantino Posters


The Toronto-based 


designer's work 


has immense 


eye appeal.

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Watching 'Wordplay' will make you a better New York Times crossword puzzle solver


That's based on my series of one (myself), after attempting today's (Thursday) New York Times puzzle some 12 hours after watching the film, which I'd read about somewhere or other as being hugely entertaining.

I'd call it entertaining but that's of trivial import compared to the fact that there is no question but that viewing the movie gave me a sense of the spirit of Will Shortz and his minions, the 110 constructors (for a typical year's puzzles) who are themselves each a piece of work.

Here is the ferrous-clad bookofjoe guarantee: If for any reason you do not feel this movie improved your puzzling skill, simply let me know and I will cheerfully refund whatever you paid to buy/rent/download it.

Now where else are are you gonna get that?

Watch an excerpt from the film here.

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Wooden Spoon Pencil


"A great gift for the cook, who can take notes while tasting."

Or for anyone whose pencils seem to just vanish into hyperspace.

12" long.

213e r2


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Cube 001 — by Alison Moffett and Chris Cornish

Alison moffett_sculpture_cube1

Plaster, 18cm (7") on each side.

The Tennessee-born Moffett and U.K. native Cornish both live and work in London.

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You & Me & Everyone We Know Wall Clock


"Write on and affix multiple hands to this 24-hour clock face that designates the time zones of your favorite people and places."

Clear acrylic frame, printed acrylic dial, metal hands.

Comes with 6 blank spare hands and a marker.

AA battery included.


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Psychedelic Digital Alarm Clock — It's a real light show


Multi-color display with snooze/alarm bar that doubles as a nightlight.


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Not Photoshopped






look it up.

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Sleep Suit — by Forrest Jessee




"The suit acts as a transportable and adjustable cocoon


that allows for constant air flow


in a variety of different positions


and environments."

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