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January 23, 2010

Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to evaluate a cat litter scoop


A top-of-the-line scoop should require nothing from you but lifting the scoopful of litter — no shaking, no twisting, no other effort.

If its tines are artfully enough designed and carefully enough engineered — like those in the Litter-Lifter (above and below) — the litter should simply sift down between them with only gravity's assistance.


That's my opinion, anyway.

And it's worth precisely what you paid for it.

Wait a minute, joe....

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Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain — Episode 2: Price Break


It was a good idea four years ago at nearly twice the price.

6 out of 6 five-star Amazon reviews since then.

Worth another look.


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My top 10 blogs of interest


Wendy Taylor, editor-in-chief of blogs.com, asked me if I'd do a guest top 10 list for her site.

My picks appear above.

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Weather Station Key Ring


Time, temperature, humidity, moon phase and weather forecast in your pocket.

But wait — there's more: alarm clock, calendar, compass and LED flashlight.

Batteries and carabiner included.


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iPhone: early days


Back to the future?

[via oskay and posterous]

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Measure Twice, Cut Onc



Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Painted sign made of wood composite with keyhole hanger and built-in stand.

16"W x 5"H.


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Apple-a-Day Calendar


"The month begins with 31 apples in a specialized tube made out of UVA- and UVB-resistant plexiglass. Every day you remove one apple from the tube and eat it. The rest of the apples in the tube will move up and reveal the day's date on a calendar behind the tube. At the end of the month, the tube is refilled with 31, 30, 29 or 28 apples and the monthly calendar behind the tube is replaced."


Created by Munich-based ad agency Serviceplan for health insurance provider AOK.

[via my7475 and I Believe in Advertising]

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Potechi Hand — Revolutionary potato chip gripper brings precision Japanese engineering to the junk food arena

Finally, an end to the problem of the greasy keyboard.


Japan's Takara Tomy, the manufacturer, has engineered this device to the hilt, seamlessly integrating its revolutionary NBCS (No Broken Clutch System), NTTS (No Touch Table System) and FECS (Finger Easy Cleaning System) into a smoothly operating mechanism.


According to InventorSpot,


"NCBS ensures that the pressure-sensitive clutch mechanism inside the Potechi Hand gently grips any chip without breaking it. NTTS refers to the design that keeps the 'fingers' from touching the table or desktop."


"Last and not least, FECS rubs the device's fingertips together in a mild circular motion, thus shaking off any loose, clingy crumbs."


A snip at ¥699 ($7.75).


Alas, Amazon won't ship it outside Japan.

[via laslentejas, GIGAZINE and newlaunches]


Note added Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Easter Egg of sorts is the name of the device, to wit: "Potechi" is one of those wonderful Japanese neologisms created by taking the English words  — "potato chip" — and then cramming them into Japanese syllables, in this case "po-te-chi."

Other examples: "doraggu" = drugs; nyuu takkusu = new tax; gaaden sumoka = garden smoker.


FunFact: "... the penchant for the Japanese to borrow and adapt English words appears to be picking up pace. The latest edition of a dictionary of these words includes 43,000 entries, along with an additional 7,000 acronyms, and that is already far behind the times."

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