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January 30, 2010

POPOS (Secret Spaces of San Francisco)


From Strange Maps:


Scattered across the centre of San Francisco are almost seventy semi-secret spaces, privately owned but open to the public. Subject to the fine print of a little-known pact between City and Commerce, these so-called POPOS (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces) allow alluring vistas of San Francisco and access to its intimate interiors. However, they are often poorly indicated – perhaps a deliberate tactic by the private companies who own the spaces to prevent the pesky public from using them. Accessing POPOS sometimes even requires walking past security guards, or through unmarked doors. No wonder many are underfrequented.

A concerted effort of concerned citizens – and this map produced by them – is aimed at raising awareness of the existence of these fascinating spaces, 68 in all, both north and south of Market Street, many in existence for decades. This map is part of a guide produced by SPUR (San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association); the 45 round indicators are POPOS set up between 1959 and 1985, the squares mark the 23 inaugurated after the 1985 Downtown Plan, which stipulated the zoning regulations requiring commercial urban development to be counterbalanced by POPOS.

POPOS come in many guises. They can be either indoor or outdoor – and indeed even on rooftops. They might be the size of a small park, or merely a ’snippet’. There are single-area POPOS, and ones composed of several different spaces. Some are open at all times, others accessible only during office hours. Quite a few are graced with public works or art. POPOS operated under the Downtown Plan need to provide access to restrooms and other amenities.

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Twirly Teal Earrings


Blue teal bead (2cmØ) made from wool, hand-felted into a sphere.


Dark amber colored glass bead.


Antique brass swirls.


[via vi.sualize.us]

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Push-pin portraits by Eric Daigh (Homage to Chuck Close)











He uses about 25,000 red, yellow, blue, white and black push-pins for each portrait. 

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Note to Self Sticky Notes


3" x 3" pad with 100 sheets.



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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Skunk Duster


"Electrostatic tail picks up dust so it sticks; soft-grip comfort handle; body has hanging hook for easy storage; 14" long."


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Woolton Pie


Longtime reader Harry Rutherford commented on Thursday's Trumanburger post, "Sounds like Woolton pie."

After reading Wikipedia's Woolton pie entry, all I have to say is: sure does.

Up top is the official recipe for Woolton pie, as reported in the Times of London on April 26, 1941.

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Interactive Pillow


Who needs a security blanket when your pillow's got integrated mittens?


17" square.



[via 7gadgets]

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