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January 10, 2010

Giant Goliath™ Extra Long Tweezers


How about two feet (0.6 meters)?

Is that long enough for you?

From the website:


SPI Giant Goliath Extra Long Tweezers


The SPI Supplies Giant Goliath Extra Long Tweezers are a whopping two feet (0.6 meters) long! At first, we too thought it was a joke when the first person wrote to us asking about really long tweezers. What we had considered "long" in the past did not come close to the length that was now being demanded. It seems like the most often mentioned reason is to have something that is higher precision that generally avail for pulling very small and delicate samples out of a liquid nitrogen bath. Another reason was to pull something out of a heated chamber without getting too close to the chamber itself. There are probably a large list of reasons why one might require such long tweezers. So while we don't recommend them for scratching one's back (!), we do believe that a certain set of users and laboratory workers will find the arrival of the SPI Giant Goliath tweezers to be a great convenience to them.

Deep serrations on the tips are present to provide still more gripping power to firmly hold the object in the grip of the tweezers.


Aquarium Applications

Sometimes called "aquarium tweezers", the SPI Giant Goliath tweezers are the preferred method for rearranging items at the bottom of an aquarium tank. Used by aquarium professionals and hobbyists alike, the precision crafted stainless steel will not easily corrode, and offers a contamination-free method for doing maintenance on any aquarium, fresh or salt water, so long as the tweezers are thoroughly washed in fresh water and then dried (such as with a hair dryer) before storing for next use.

Tip width: 4.5mm

Handle width: 20mm.


Curved or





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Many years ago at some garage sale I came across a pair of what I imagine are obstetric forceps. They're about the same size, only with a strange recurve to them. They come in handy far more than you'd think! As an added plus they lock, too.

Posted by: jim` | Jan 10, 2010 9:46:40 PM

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