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January 17, 2010

When Adam met Barack


Sculptor Adam Beane, whose work appeared here last year, received a commission from Esquire magazine to create a sculpture of the president to accompany a story in the just-published February 2010 issue.

The original (above and below) was created using clay-and-wax-based composite material and stands 18 inches high.

Adam just emailed me as follows:


Hey Joe,

I want to thank you again for including me in your blog! You may be interested in my most recent piece. Esquire magazine contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in sculpting President Obama for the February issue. It was one of the tightest deadlines I've ever had, but I was absolutely determined to complete a full standing figure for the article. I highly recommend checking out the actual magazine, as it's a bit difficult to see the detail online, but here's the link to the article. 


There are a few pics of it there (three-page article) and in three months (contract obligation) I will be allowed to show the really cool pictures I took of the process and finished piece. In the actual magazine there is also a small article on me with pictures of the sculpting process, but I don't believe those are available in the online version.

The sculpture itself will soon be available, cast in bronze as a full figure and also a version as a bust. I will put up a notice on my website when they are ready. 





Yo, Adam — send me the "really cool pictures..." in three months and I'll feature them in "Adam Beane: Episode 3."

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