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February 2, 2010

TinEye (Epsode 2): 'Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web'


About a year and a half ago, reader Joel Ordesky tipped me off to this nifty site  — "Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web."

From time to time a reader notes that one of my "What is it?" posts can be quickly traced and identified using TinEye's reverse image search to find the source.

I think that's pretty darn cool.

But it has always seemed to me and my crack research team here at bookofjoe®™ World Headquarters that there are two types of people in the world: those who would use a reverse image search engine to identify something, and those others who'd never dream of doing such a thing but instead propose original, sometimes downright confounding and oftimes wonderfully weird identifications of the featured items.

There's a big tent here so both crowds are more than welcome: heck, I'll take anyone who can fog a mirror.

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Limited-Edition Shovel Coat Rack


Designed by Cologne-based David Olschewski.

Metal shovel with beechwood handle.

100 pieces (+1 AP +1 prototype).

155cm H x 45cm W x 45cm L.


Apply within.

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George Orwell's Birthplace


Pictured above and below, it's in Motihari, India.


The sign reads, in part, "The birth place of Eric Arthur Blair pen name George Orwell. The second child of Richard W. Blair and Ida.... Rotary Lake Town Motihari."

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World's first scratch-and-sniff blazer


It's the new Aroma blazer from Luigi Bianchi Mantova.

Mark Ellwood described what it's like to wear in a January 16, 2009 Financial Times story, which follows.


Blazing a (fragrant) trail

"You smell like a laundromat," remarked my friend as I sat down to dinner. "Did you spill detergent on yourself again?" Hah. For once, I wan't guilty of ham-fisted hot washes. The brisk whiff she had detected came courtesy of my new Aroma jacket, from Italian men's wear line Luigi Bianchi Mantova, also known as the world's first scratch and sniff blazer.

LBM is known for its top-notch garment dyeing, and it has simply adapted the traditional process to include dunking finished jackets into pools of essential oils.

Once a piece of clothing has been treated, you simply rub the jacket's sleeve, lapel or pocket for a whiff of your chosen fragrance — lemon, mint, honeydew or lavender.

Personally, this seemed a potential solution to my tendency to forget cologne, so I opted for lavender — only to find myself overcome by a Botox-like self-consciousness.

Every time I wore the jacket, I simultaneously hoped it would be noticed, while at once praying for it to be politely overlooked. It wasn't the blazer itself that was the problem (it fit superbly and was beautifully cut), rather the askance glances sparked by my aromatherapy.

During one dinner date, when I was hot under the collar with nerves, my jacket started sweating like an aggressive scented candle. By the main course, the blazer had been banished to the cloakroom.

But a couple of days after the meal, I did discover that it had one noticeable benefit.

Not only had my LBM jacket filled my wardrobe with a fresh scent, but that scent, being lavendar, also happened to be an all-natural moth repellent.

In future, I plan to hang my blazer close to my best cashmere — although at $910, it's a pricey alternative to cedarballs.


Want one?

I thought that might be the case; call LBM in New York City (212-755-0737) and they'll trick you out.

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Past as prologue


By Tom Cheney.

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Honeycomb Lamp


"Template for this lamp 


is a honeycomb."



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AYYA — American Yo-Yo Association

Res ipsa loquitur.

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Shadow Heart Mug


Handle merges with printed shadow.

Bone china, made in England.


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