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February 8, 2010

Axolotl — 'Is it alive?'

"NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program grad student Eyal Ohana, 35, came up with the idea of "Axolotl" while brainstorming ways to portray life — and instigate reaction — through motion and form.... The result is a 3D audiovisual display attracting onlookers with a digitized squid-like creature that responds to facial recognition by simulating a sense of interaction and involvement," wrote Laura Kiniry in a Make magazine (volume 21) article.

More on the Axolotl website.

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Super Mario Tote Bag



[via Likecool]

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Speech Accent Archive — '1,240 samples'

"The speech accent archive uniformly presents a large set of speech samples from a variety of language backgrounds. Native and non-native speakers of English read the same paragraph and are carefully transcribed. The archive is used by people who wish to compare and analyze the accents of different English speakers."

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Salvador Dali Alarm Clock


"A fish rotates around the clock once a minute while Dali's moustache tells the time."

Snooze alarm; light; requires one AA battery (not included).

4'Ø with 2.25"Ø face; 2.5"H.


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Impossible Lamp — by Jeeves Basu

"Switch on a lamp made of wax and it should melt and disintegrate in seconds. But due to the unique way it has been designed, the Impossible Lamp does not. It is a lamp made of wax that works without melting."

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Create your own designer perfume bottle


Right here.

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Heart Locket


Created by Peggy Skemp, "This extremely detailed silver necklace features a 1.5" x 0.75" x 0.5" anatomically correct human heart which opens to reveal a meticulously detailed interior. It is pleasantly solid in cast and fabricated sterling silver."


"The locket is held shut by the trunk of the aorta, which acts as a snap. The chain is an 18" wheat chain, the fine striations of which mirror the musculature of the heart."


"It attaches to the pendant through the superior vena cava and left pulmonary vein, causing the heart to hang slightly anterioinferiorly."



[via Street Anatomy]

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