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February 4, 2010

A nice way to begin a day...

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is with the following email: 


Hello Joe,
I’m writing to you to draw your attention to a feature article we recently published over here at Health Expert Blog, titled “Top 50 Blogs by Physicians,” in case you hadn’t seen it yet. I thought you and your readers at bookofjoe might be interested in taking a look. Please let me know if you get any feedback.
James J. Atkinson
Health Expert Blog

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Great stuff Joe & Humphrey!

Posted by: Jesse | Feb 6, 2010 4:44:14 PM

You've always wanted to be on top........Congrats Doc!

Posted by: lt | Feb 5, 2010 9:25:07 AM

yay! so say all of me!

Posted by: teg | Feb 4, 2010 10:29:16 PM

I can't wait for it: "bookofjoe - The Movie! (Can I play Flautist?) Then "bookofjoe - The Quest for Lamps", followed by "bookofjoe and the Potato Chip Conundrum"!

Let's see...odd subjects, yes...entertaining, yes, yes...opinions? I haven't seen one of those around in a while, but one will squeak out now & then...

Posted by: Flautist | Feb 4, 2010 3:16:49 PM

Since the listing is not alphabetized, Congratulations are in order. Well done!

Posted by: Vigilis | Feb 4, 2010 12:39:27 PM

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