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February 21, 2010

Even a TechnoDolt™ thinks up something useful every now and then


Reading Kit Eaton's February 19, 2010 Fast Company story about possible upcoming Apple products with near-field wireless syncing capability (NFC), I couldn't help but recall something I read two years ago in some TechnoDolt™'s blog about using the iPhone itself as a click-in-and-out touchpad for Apple computers.

That doofus wrote, "There's no reason whatsever for the iPhone's future iterations not to simply click into a dock in the keyboard section of a Mac laptop and be the computer. In fact, what with the convergence of the iPhone's touchscreen and the new MacBook Air's touchpad, there's really no reason not to simply use the iPhone's screen as the future computer's touchpad once it's locked in place."

Just goes to show how any idiot with a keyboard and a screen can put stuff out there.

The fool concluded, "Sure hope this doesn't cause Apple's formidable team of patent/copyright/trademark lawyerbots to come pouring out of their Cupertino hideyhole."

Lucky for me I'm not even visible on the big screen, so the legal eagles stayed put and did other stuff.

For example, as detailed by Patently Apple, "In November 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that revealed various concepts behind a newly advanced application in development code named Grab & Go. The new application discussed in the November patent would allow users who live in the fast lane to transfer data quickly between devices like their desktop and iPod by simply tapping their iPod against an iMac, for example."

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Why anything as inelegant as actually having to touch the machine? You already have bluetooth and wifi...

Right now, my iPhone acts as a mouse / remote for my macs...my iMac? When it isn't being used as a music production station is purely a media center...I have a virtual keyboard for it, a virtual mouse, a remote dedicated to Hulu or Boxee or whatever else.

I have probably a dozen remotes for my Mac for various tasks, including one that acts like a virtual mixer / transport system (stop / play / rewind thingies) where I can be sitting behind a guitar in another room and still record without having to access the computer directly.

Any more, I have a hard time thinking of the two devices as separate. I'll be using my work computer and pocket swipe down to scroll on my phone forgetting why nothing is happening. On my computer at home? It is unconscious and just works...

So this is already here...just without the annoying TOUCH HERE TO LINK...I want to get to the point where I don't see my computer...maybe my iPhone links up to various computers I have in a rack somewhere and whatever monitor is closest...we want to get away from the whole physical reality is the king and move on to the connecting through the vapours ideal...

Posted by: clifyt | Feb 22, 2010 7:43:49 AM

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