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March 1, 2010


Wrote Matt Bucher, a textbook editor in Austin, Texas, "My main obsession in life is the writing of David Foster Wallace. I am the administrator of wallace-l, the DFW email listserv."

In a January 24, 2010 New York Times article, Bucher told Motoko Rich that "... the expertise of of mathematicians, linguists and other fans sharing insights with the online group vastly improved his reading of 'Infinite Jest.'"

wallace-l archives here.

David Foster Wallace news, info and links lovingly assembled since 1997 at The Howling Fantods!.

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Piano Table


Designed by Georg Bohle.


Full 88-key electric piano surrounded by oak.



[via LikeCool and the Behance Network]

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VB The Drinking Chip


From Creativity Online: "Eat chips, drink more beer. That's the thinking behind Droga5 Sydney's latest effort for Victoria Bitter. The agency opted for a stomach-focused strategy when it came up with the idea to create VB The Drinking Chip, 'The Best Hot Chips made for the Best Cold Beer.' The snack was created to complement a chilled VB and thus entice beer drinkers to keep on chugging. The spicy chips were created in partnership with the Yarra Valley Snack Food Company and will be available from January 18. Anyone who buys a case of VB stubbies from an Aussie independent liquor store will receive a bag of the chips."




[via beautylivesaboveus]

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USB Shoe Dryers


"A product designed


to dry your shoes out


if they get wet."



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'Mean to Me' — Agyness Deyn's Dark Side

Her movie debut is "a visually sumptuous 12-minute film noir directed by David McDermott and Peter McGough," wrote Jean Nathan in yesterday's New York Times "T" magazine.

The film will be shown at Cheim & Read during the Armory Show on March 4, 2010.

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'Use your illusion' dress


Wrote Armand Limnander in yesterday's New York Times "T" magazine, "Backstage after their spring show, the designers Viktor & Rolf explained that because of the credit crunch, they had decided to 'crunch their couture' — literally, burrowing tunnels and cutting away slices in their extravagent tulle dresses. In the spirit of fashion's new D.I.Y. ethos, they offered this simple guide to reproducing their results. Have fun."

1. Purchase 149 yards of fine tulle for the skirt, 44 yards of stiffer tulle for the underskirt and 2.3 miles of very thin yarn, which you will use to sew the garment by hand.

2. Dye the tulle pale green.

3. Create a stiff black inner crinoline-like structure, measured to your body, using camel's hair and boning, in the shape of the final skirt with a cutout strip below the hips.

4. Build up the skirt, gathering the tulle layer by layer, lightly hand-stitching the layers together. Work toward a solid shape that is airy and light; fine-tune the volume. Use sharp, slim scissors to cut a perfectly straight and uniform horizontal swath in the tulle to match the cutout in the structure underneath.

5. Move on to the bodice, which you should fashion to your body using metal boning and chiffon. Hand-embroider 547 white sequins onto the front panel.

6. Attach the skirt to the bodice.

7. You're done! And it only took 163 hours.

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Buckle Boot


From the website:



Leather flat boot featuring crissxcross studded straps with adjustable silver buckle closures.


Exposed metal zip closure at back, fully lined.


Boot: 7.75"H; Heel: 0.5"H.




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