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March 12, 2010

Marmite Shower Gel


Does Paul Biba know about this?

Or about Marmite Fabric Softener, 




and Cereal Bars?

Zxç√ x  

If not, why not?

If so, why hasn't he leaked the news to me?


From the Financial Times comes word by way of reporter Jonathan Guthrie of Unilever's new Marmite brand extension campaign.

Wrote Guthrie:


Unilever's ploy is to confront the public with three brand extensions on the periphery of believability: a Marmite shower gel, a Marmite fabric softener and a Marmite perfume.

The billboard ads are, of course, spoofs. They deploy hackneyed marketing stereotypes that could conceivably front other Unilever campaigns: the toned shower hunk, moppet snoozing on a stack of downy towels and glacial fragrance model.

Once the London commuters who are the main targets of the campaign have tumbled to the humorous deception, a Marmite cereal bar does not seem quite so outlandish.


For real yeastheads there's the Marmite Cereal Bars Facebook Group.



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Mini Zen Pebble Fountain


From the website:


There's nothing more calming than sitting by a burbling fountain. 

Problem is, there isn't always a burbling fountain nearby. 

Wouldn't it be a pleasure to carry a tranquil fountain wherever you go?

That's what the Mini Zen Pebble Fountain is all about.

It comes with a plastic fountain (2.5” diameter) and about a dozen water-smoothed stones.

There are no batteries or electrical plugs to fuss with — the fountain is powered by YOU, via a little rubber bellows connected by a long hose.

To round off the package, you even get a tiny instruction booklet that also contains a few poems and stories from the likes of Robert Frost and Confucius.

You DO have to add your own water, by the way. 

Then, with a little squeeze of the pump, you create your own fountain effect. 

Total mini relaxation awaits. 

That’s right — lean back, relax, kick your shoes off, tug off your socks, stick your big toe right on in. 

THAT’s mini living.



Cheap at twice the price.


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BehindTheMedspeak: Bones of Wood


Long story short: "Researchers at the Istec Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics in Faenza near Bologna [Italy], led by Dr. Anna Tampieri, have been studying different types of wood to see which one would result in the most bone-like structure. They place pieces of normal wood into a furnace and heat them under pressure for 10 days, resulting in a porous white material [top]. The researchers have found that rattan wood, often used to make furniture, creates the best bone substitute because it has a similar porosity which allows blood, nerve tissue and other metabolic components to traverse it."

Excellent BBC video about the research here.

[via Street Anatomy]

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Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Plate Accessory


It's been months since I've featured a lightswitch hack.

I don't know what I've been thinking all that time.

Three for $4.99.

[via LikeCool]

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'The finest animal painting in Zimbabwe'


That's African rock art expert Peter Garlake's opinion, as reported in Michael Fitzgerald's January 23, 2010 Wall Street Journal story about the giraffe pictured above and below, part of a 30-foot-long frieze of paintings inside the great cave of Inanke in Zimbabwe's Matobo Hills.


"The cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people (commonly called the Bushmen) about 5,000 to 10,000 years ago and located in what is now Matobo National Park...," wrote Fitzgerald.

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Pitchfork Coatstand


Created by Cologne-based designer David Olschewski.

176cm H x 52cm Ø.


Apply within.

File under:

What's old is new again.

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12,000 classic film excerpts, searchable by actor, director, keyword or line of dialog.

Free, the way we like it.

There's also AnyClip, "free and currently in beta. Founded in March 2009, the site went live... in January," wrote Mario Aguilar in an article in the March 2010 issue of Wired magazine.

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Toothpaste Heads


TechnoDolt™-friendly: "Simply replace the existing toothpaste cap with a Spread Head."

Oscar (top) or Pete (below).


Apiece, $4.99 (toothpaste not included).  

[via Gyerekszoba]

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