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March 19, 2010

Blast from the past: The Four Tops (live): 'Just Walk Away Renée'

[via My Little Stitches and Hurricane Vanessa]

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Egg Cup Surprise


What's the big surprise?

It's made of concrete.

"A hard little cushion for a soft-boiled egg."


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Ushahidi — Open-source crisis mapping using 'aggregate, average, good-enough truths'


"We're moving beyond the idea that information is completely true or completely false."

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Pac-Man Pot Holder

Screen shot 2n010-01-28 at 5.47.28 PM




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One balloon to rule them all


"The Darth Vader balloon was one of 22 taking part


in the 2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


in Malaysia yesterday."





Back story here.

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Old School GE Telephone Clock


Nicola Harper explores the discards and junkyards of Edmonton, Alberta to find great stuff that's still cool, then cleans it up, fits it out and hand-finishes each piece.

You don't believe me?


Look at the pictures (above and below)


of her hard at work.



"This wall clock is handmade from a gutted (1960s?) General Electric telephone. The antique-styled hands are a perfect finish for that retro look."

22cm H x 10cm W x 4cm D.



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C-Span puts full archives on the Web


Free, the way we like it.

Wrote Brian Stelter in a March 15, 2010 New York Times story, "Researchers, political satirists and partisan mudslingers, take note: C-Span has uploaded virtually every minute of its video archives to the Internet.

"The archives, at C-SpanVideo.org, cover 23 years of history and five presidential administrations and are sure to provide new fodder for pundits and politicians alike. The network will formally announce the completion of the C-Span Video Library on Wednesday.

"Having free online access to the more than 160,000 hours of C-Span footage is 'like being able to Google political history using the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button every time,' said Rachel Maddow, the liberal MSNBC host.

"The online archives reinforce what some would call the Web’s single best quality: its ability to recall seemingly every statement and smear. And it is even more powerful when the viewer can rewind the video.

"C-Span executives said they hoped that its search filters would be up to the task. Mr. Lamb said, 'You can see if politicians are saying one thing today, and 15 years ago were saying another thing.'

"One of the Web site’s features, the Congressional Chronicle, shows which members of Congress have spoken on the House and Senate floors the most, and the least. Each senator and representative has a profile page."

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Emperor 200 Workstation

"A triple-screen hydraulic workstation with full surround sound, air ventilation and touch screen controls."


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