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March 24, 2010

Cardboard Record Player


"Audio engineering company GGRP Sound sent a 45rpm record in a corrugated cardboard sleeve that doubles as a record player. You can play and scratch using a pencil."

"The vibrations go through the pencil/needle and are amplified in the cardboard material."

Make Magazine, call your office: your sound track just came in.

[via LikeCool]

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MorphWorld: Xavier's Sister Rose Ann Fleming into Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll


So I'm watching ESPN mos (mit out sound) just now (today's sound track — at least for the moment, things can change around here in a yoctosecond — is Bob Dylan's "Ballad Of A Thin Man," which many know of as "Mr. Jones") and I espy talking on the TV screen what looks like 58-year-old Pete Carroll (below)


with progeria, fast-forwarded to 2030 or so.

Then I look at the video caption and see it's 77-year-old Sister Rose Ann Fleming (top and below),


Xavier University academic advisor for athletics since 1985 who is considered the prime reason that since then, "... every men's basketball player who has played as a senior has left with a diploma."

You could look it up.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.


Note added 1:16 p.m.: not tomorrow but, rather, today.

Trust me, heads are gonna roll over this latest screw-up (see post below).

It's happening more and frequently.

I've had about all I can take of the motley crew that passes for my web team.

Good riddance to bad roughage.

Wait a minute, that's not right... is it?


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Marc Jacobs Glam Tweed Jacket


Multicolored neon gems,


stud-and-braid detail,


monochrome tweed,


rubberized weave.



[via Couture Snob and Elle.com]

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LED Mohawk

Garrett shows and tells you how to make your own right here.

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Vulcan Salute Flash Drive





[via Nerdcore and Unplggd]

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Wild Earth TV


Now on every computer on the planet.

Tune in, turn [it] on....

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Cloak Bag — World's first shoot-through camera bag


Just in from Robert Merrill, vice-president for product development at Florida design group Naranja Studio, the following email: "I thought you might be interested in a product my company has developed.


"Our product, the Cloak™ Bag, was designed to solve a problem many travelers face: how to keep your camera out of sight yet still ready at a second's notice when you are out exploring.


"It is the first bag of its kind, allowing full access to the camera without the need to take it out of the bag."


Gray or Coffee.



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