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March 29, 2010

Watch My Teeth Grow!

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World's most technical pasta fork


Projecting "thumb" makes all the difference.

Worked for Homo sapiens....

Stainless steel.


2-Pack: $44.

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Read 'n rip: How to enhance the paperback experience

This one I've never read as a tip but, rather, have seen remarked on in passing every few years.

Drum roll...: As you read, throw away the pages you've read.

That's right, rip them and the cover and back and whatever isn't the actual text of the book — blank pages, "a note on the type," reviews, previous books written, reviews, publication data, all of it, away and onto the floor or into the trash or fireplace.


1. If you're an inveterate, addicted reader like me you feel like you're doing something that's wrong and forbidden and completely transgressive — such emotions are to be welcomed and sought whenever possible, especially when they're incurred in the course of doing something completely legal.

2. If you like reading in bed, then your book gets more and more manageable as you proceed, which is physically a nice thing.

3. You can give the torn-out pages to a friend or stranger who can then enjoy reading the book as much as you are, even if they are condemned to being behind you. But what's wrong with free, even if it is second-hand? Good ideas don't lose their excellence just because they've been passed down through time.

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Pimp my tomato: Bling food spray


Esslack Food Spray =


edible gold or




food paint.


Apply within.

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Russia eliminates 2 time zones


Can your country do that?

Didn't think so.

Long story short: Russia's president yesterday decreed that in the interest of efficiency, the country was dropping two of its 11 time zones, going down to single digits like every other country in the world.

Up top, the way it was until the change.

According to a Reuters story, "As Russia adjusted its clocks forward one hour on Sunday morning to shift to summer time, its easternmost Chukotka and Kamchatka peninsulas, located near the U.S. state of Alaska, went from being nine hours ahead of Moscow to eight, joining the same time zone as the neighboring Magadan region.

"The Samara region on the Volga river and Udmurtia in the Urals — the European part of Russia — lost their own time zone one hour ahead of Moscow and were brought into line with Moscow time.

"Kemerovo, the only Siberian region four hours ahead of Moscow, joined a group of Siberian regions three hours ahead of the Russian capital.

"Russia occupies some 17 million square km (6.6 million square miles), making it by far the largest nation in the world, and covers more than a ninth of the Earth's land area.

"[Russian President] Medvedev has suggested that the number of Russia's time zones could eventually be reduced to just five."

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Super Mario Brothers Rings


"Hand-sculpted from polymer clay,


then varnished and attached


to silver-toned adjustable rings."

Both for $20.

[via The Daily What and Craziest Gadgets]

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And the winner is...


Last Monday at this time I inaugurated the bookofjoe "Caption this picture" contest.

The winner: "OK, really funny, guys. Now who took my salad bowl?" submitted by Alexis.

Your prize is pictured above and below.


It's a Canary Second Generation WiFi Finder.

No, it's not brand new: I've had it in my car for years.

But it works great.


You push the button in front and all of a sudden it starts sniffing around for WiFi networks, then reports back the name, channel number, signal strength and whether the channel is Open or Closed.

Sweet and fun.


Bonus: fresh batteries.

Alexis, email me your mailing address and it'll go out today.

And congratulations.

The response was so great that I think I'll have another contest like this in the near future.

Stay tuned.

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Pee Without Noise Stool


It comes from Japan, where silent micturition matters.

From the website:



The Pee Without Noise is one of those ideas that's so cool we're embarrassed we didn't think of it before.

We've all been there: it's 2 a.m. in a sleeping house and your mother-in-law is right behind you in line for the potty, or you don't want to broadcast the fact that you downed six glasses of beer over the course of your date.

As great as it is to be able to pee standing up, there are some situations where you just want to do your business discreetly, and having the outlet several feet above the bowl makes it hard to keep the volume down.

You could sit, but not only is that unbecoming a man, you also risk splashing the rim.

Enter the Pee Without Noise stool.

Kneeling on its soft cushions positions you at the exact right height to land your stream in the bowl at a much-reduced velocity and volume level.

This simple, elegant tool could save your dignity, your relationship, or even your life (if there's a robber in the house but you just have to go).



• Choose from polyurethane (DX) or wood (Eco) models

• 15 x 31 x 23cm (DX); 51 x 22 x 14cm (Eco)

• Both models rated to 120kg (265 lbs.)

• Weight: 900gm (DX); 1,350g (Eco)

• Manual in Japanese


"Manual in Japanese" — what, they think we're all TechnoDolts™?



$77-$100, depending on style.

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