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March 30, 2010

Dog (or Cat) High Chair


From the website:


Satisfying a mutual desire for companionship, this high chair permits your dog or cat to accompany you at the dinner table.

The high chair clips securely to tables up to 2" thick and its height adjusts without tools to elevate your pet to near eye level.

It has a frame of powder-coated 5/8" steel tubing and its arms are rubber-coated so they will not mar table surfaces.

By providing an alternative to sitting on your lap, running disruptively underfoot, or outright banishment, the chair assuages a pet (and its owner's) frustration, and promotes more refined behavior.

The chair's 600-denier tan/brown nylon fabric cleans easily.

Two tethers on the chair protect your dinner guests against any lapses in etiquette.

Folds for convenient storage and travel. 

10"H x 12"W x 9.5"D.

For pets up to 10 lbs.



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...satisfying a neurotic desire to create faux-children out of your pets.....I'm terribly sorry to any, and all, that love their pets beyond measure, but their paws are feet and should not be on the table, unless they can use them to hold a fork and knife.

Posted by: tamra | Mar 31, 2010 12:57:06 AM

No....no....no,no,no. I mean really, no.

Posted by: tamra | Mar 31, 2010 12:52:37 AM

I can not believe that two times (TWO!!) I actually wrote "it's" when I meant "its" - I'll plead shock and quaking in the depths of my soul brought on by exposure to the demonic device.

I hope I'm allowed to stupid.

Posted by: Flautist | Mar 30, 2010 11:19:54 PM

Oh good lord my God almighty damn. It's from Yammacher Schlammacher so I guess it's for real. Let's see...where to start...
The chair "permits" your dog or cat to sit at the table with you. The chair "assuages" a pet's frustration and "promotes more refined" behavior. Okay, all sinister. But the truly chilling passage is the part about "two tethers on the chair" protecting the other eaters from "lapses" in etiquette. I can't tell exactly what, on the dog, the two tethers are attached to -- a collar around its neck, it's fur, it's skin? Are they nailed into the animal?

All I can say is, anyone attempting to put the average cat in a straitjacket like that will deserve every wound that every tooth and claw, teeming with virulent nastiness, can inflict. Heh heh. As for dogs, I suppose it's actually possible that the odd one would be so enthralled with the potential of quantities of human food morsels that they'd tolerate or even (oh, mercy, mercy me) eagerly await their time in the chair.

Posted by: Flautist | Mar 30, 2010 9:41:57 PM

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