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April 1, 2010

Periodic bacon post — how long has it been?


It's one of my recurrent topics, never ending in its fascination.

Now comes Chowhound's latest ratings shuffle, anointing Vande Rose as the best and throwing Niman and Nueske's under the bus.

Nodine's came second.

Which surprises me because I've never believed Nodine's belongs in the artisanal group.

But I digress.

I happened on Vande Rose bacon last week for the first time ever, sitting in the refrigerated compartment next to Nueske's, my default choice for years.

I'd heard of Vande Rose, for sure, having read Cook's Illustrated's 2008 article (you can download the piece here; results are pictured up top) comparing artisanal bacons, which declared Vande Rose the winner.

But when I went to order some the total for 12 oz. came to $23.27 including delivery charges — too rich for my blood, so I decided to wait until it showed up in my Podunk town.

Having now tried the stuff, I must say I agree with Chowhound and Cook's Illustrated.

Vande Rose's was impossible to stop eating, with a very faint sweetness resulting from the cure, which employs brown sugar, salt and pepper.

Nueske's doesn't have that sweet flavor but instead is simply bacon-y — very, very good indeed. 

And if Nueske's is good enough for Eric Ripert, who uses it at Le Bernardin, then it's plenty good enough for me.

If they're out of Vande Rose I'll happily settle.

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Geek 'I'm sorry' card


Apply at: elizabeth@paperwheel.com 

[via UnplggdThe Daily What and Newlaunches]

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How to Draw a Line on The Road — by Koki Tanaka

[via What Alice Found]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Braille E-Book — Relax, Apple: It appeared last year

Df`24 16

The surface pattern changes on the fly via an electromagnetic signal, simulating Braille text.

Conceptual design by Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo and Jin-Sun Park.


Don't want to get the Cupertino lawyerbots any more excited than they already are....

[via Yanko Design and LikeCool]

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Balmain Scarf Dress


Silk dress fashioned from vintage Balmain scarves.

By husband-and-wife team Michèle and Olivier Chatenet's Paris-based label E2.

[via Sandra Ballentine and the New York Times "T" Magazine supplement]

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'Caption this picture' contest


I'll announce the winner in one week.

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Finger food takes on a whole new meaning


Created by Kawamura Ganjavian, who wrote, "Eat With Your Fingers consists of three mini-pieces of cutlery (knife, fork, spoon) that fit on the ends of your fingers...."


[via laslentejas and Microservios]

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