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April 3, 2010

Position Wanted: E.I.R.

Alfred 8vbngjh

Details here.

Apply within.

Recursion, anyone?




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SIM Card Notebook


13.5cm H x 8.5cm W.



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Proof of (happy) life


Above and below, just arrived via UPS as promised by Apple.

The unboxing wlll occur later, after the ritual adoration of the package that always follows a purchase from Apple.


I mean, come on, I'm a card-carrying fanboy, you know how that works.

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What is it?

Answer here this time tomorrow. 

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'Hidden city' fares — Same trip, half the price


Make sure you read the fine print, though.

From FAQ:


A hidden city fare occurs when a flight from point A to point B happens to make a connection in point C and is cheaper than a direct flight from point A to point C. This is a quirk of the way in which airlines price their routes, which has little to do with the distance flown.

Prices are driven by market conditions and drop when there is a lot of competition on a route. The flight from A to B might be a very busy route, with several airlines serving that market, while the A-C and C-B routes might not be as busy.

Thus, you can buy a ticket from A to B, get off at point C, and throw away the B to C portion, saving some money, if point C is your ultimate destination. Airlines frown on this practice and taking advantage of a hidden city fare is explicitly forbidden by their rules.

If you skip a leg of your flight (logged as a no-show on the airline's computer), the airline has the right to cancel all subsequent legs. So the only case in which you can "safely" take advantage of a hidden city fare is when you're taking a one-way flight.

If you're the dishonest type and are going to lie about actually having taken the skipped segments, at least have the intelligence to remove the ticket and boarding pass (keeping the stub of the boarding pass) from the ticket envelope.

Note that you can't take advantage of a hidden city fare if you've checked any baggage, as your baggage will be sent through to your ticketed final destination.

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Spotters — Tactile Adhesive Keyboard Dots


Some keyboards have little bumps or ridges on the F and J keys to help touch typists get oriented, but even those are barely palpable in most cases.

Now you can put those bumps on steroids.

As well as think far outside the keyboard space.

From the website:


Stick these little adhesive backed dots onto anything you want to "see by touch."

0.7 mm-high dots can be used on phones, keyboards, calculators, dishwashers, keys, toothbrushes, or any item you want to recognize by touch.


20 for $1.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Reviving old carrots


From the May & June 2010 issue of Cook's Illustrated: "When Tricia Walton of Elmira, New York finds that her carrots have gone limp, she brings them back to life by peeling them and soaking them in water in the refrigerator overnight. The carrots absorb the water, which crisps them back up."

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"The Bednest


is a


unique bedside crib


that attaches securely


to your bed,


allowing your baby


to 'co-sleep' in safety."

[via Gyerekszoba]

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