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April 6, 2010

Violet-backed starling at the London Zoo


[via Richard McManus's flickr and Animal Insider]

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Gummy Shot Glasses


Sweet and edible.


Lemon, Lime and Cola or Orange, Cherry and Blue Raspberry.


Set of 6 (2 each of 3 flavors): $14.95.

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The user experience: Dock pretty much useless with Gen 1 iPad


My dock (above and below) just arrived via FedEx and I got all excited.

Then the air left the balloon in a Podunk town second.


Because the only way you can use the dock is with the iPad in its upright orientation, since the device's charging port is on the bottom.


But I only use mine in widescreen mode because:

1. Stuff is easier to read.

2. The virtual keyboard is sort of usable as opposed to pretty much useless.

Apple needs to add a charging port on the long side, opposite the side with the volume control.

I guarantee this will appear in the next version.

You heard it here first.


A TechnoDolt™ insight brought to you by a card carrying member of iPad Nation.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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World's first iPad car installation

By SoundMan Car Audio.


SoundMan's at 23046 Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California.

If you stop by, say "Hi" for me.

[via Virginia Moore]

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Goya Ripe Plantains — So good out of the microwave, you'll think you're in Jamaica


Last week, browsing the ethnic frozen foods section at Giant, I happened on the Goya area.

As a rule I don't do anything you can't microwave and up to now Goya's frozen products weren't microwaveable.

Most still aren't.

You have to look very closely at the box to see that you can nuke the contents.

Up top, almost invisibly, it says "Microwaveable."

Anyway, you zap 'em for 5 minutes and you're in for a very toothsome dining experience.

I've had much worse in restaurants.

Here's a detailed review.

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Homesick? 804 front pages from 80 countries


Free, the way we like it.

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Unisex Hot Dog Hat


"Adjustable tablecloth head strap looks amazing and fits most heads."



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