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April 10, 2010

Guardian Eyewitness iPad App is just excellent

In which we begin to see just how powerful this new platform is.

Free, the way we like it.

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Catching Serenity T-Shirt


Attention "Firefly" fans:


your ship has come in.



[via Anastasia Beaverhausen's Kinda Unique]

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Sculptures of Vintage New York City Opera Costumes — by E.V. Day


They are displayed above the Promenade at Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Theatre in New York City, where they will remain through Sunday, April 18, 2010.


Above, Manon's dress; below, Mimi from La Boheme.


Below, Cinderella.




Cinderella (detail).

Below, Cio-Cio-San's Kimono from Madama Butterfly.



Violetta La Traviata

Violetta from La Traviata.



The Clown.

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Wi-Fi Connected Body Scale automatically tweets your weight


Wrote Eric A. Taub in yesterday's New York Times Gadgetwise blog, "With the Wi-Fi Connected Body Scale... everyone can know your body weight, lean and fat mass, and your B.M.I., or body mass index.

"The $159 scale... automatically keeps track of up to eight users’ body stats. Step on the scale, and electrical impedance figures out your body fat. It then sends all the information via W-iFi to a no-charge Web site, a free iPhone app, Twitter, Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, among others."


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Ornella Ianuzzi — Episode 2: Tree of Eternity


Ornella Ianuzzi, whose Tree of Eternity neckpiece was featured here on August 19, 2009, creates exquisite pieces that are sui generis.

Last week she was kind enough to send me new (professional) photos (above and below) 

Untitled Capture0012381

of the neckpiece.

She also enclosed a photo of a new commissioned piece (below)

Ring Souvenirs des Mer du Sud  

made from fossilized coral and Tahitian pearl.

She's currently in an online competition to exhibit at "Treasure in June" during Jewellery Week in London.

She wrote, "It's on ProfessionalJeweller.com and you would need to scroll down the page to the Spot Poll [pictured below] to vote."


She's got my vote.

joeheads of the world, let's put her over the top.

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The user experience: iPad Keyboard Dock is a winner


Finally, an iPad accessory that's what it should be — easy to use, adding to the power and functionality of the focal device.

It's basically an iPad dock fused to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, though the keyboard keys have been modified to make using it with the iPad easier.

As far as iPad language input, if you're going to do anything more than tweet or answer emails in peremptory fashion, you will find this accessory a boon.

Though Apple would be doing us a huge favor by adding a dock port on the long side in the Gen 2 iteration, so those who (like moi) prefer the landscape orientation for input via either real or onscreen keyboard could use it that way while charging.

Creating documents would seem to demand a real keyboard, especially for touch typists.

Though TypePad still hasn't figured out a way to let me post easily and effectively — with both words and pictures — from the iPad, when they do get it together I'll be ready.

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threadsy Early Adopter Special — 'Only 3,709 free accounts remaining!'


Out of how many? 4,000? 4 million?

Anyway, Ray Earhart sent me the link  so you know it must be good.

If not good, then at least different.

Note that I'm cutting Ray a little slack here in my choice of descriptive adjectives: my first choice was "weird."

Note also that the number of free accounts remaining is now smaller than that specified in the headline up top: if you wait till this post ricochets around joehead Nation, well, too bad for you, don't come crying to me saying why didn't you tell us to get on it in a Podunk town yoctosecond?

Fair warning.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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