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April 24, 2010

7 things I don't have time for anymore when it comes to bookofjoe


1. Driving myself crazy scanning stuff over and over until it's perfectly straight. Life is messy, time to get with the program.

2. Cropping the names of photographers, sources and whatnot from pictures and graphics to clean them up. Why not give as much credit as possible to those who bring it, even at the cost of visual perfection?

3. Responding to comments asking where to buy things when the link is right there at the end of the post and it works. If it doesn't work, that's another story: I pull my crack research team off whatever they're doing to fix it or, if it's sold out, have them find another source, then email the commenter with the updated information. If the post is five years old and a "404 page not found" comes up when you click on the link, that's a different story — time to move on. I wonder what my statute of limitations is on stuff like that? Something to ponder....

4. Every morning having to go through the spam that entered the Comments section while I was sleeping, then clean it out. I'm taking applications for a night editor to flick that stuff away the instant in comes in like I do during the day.

5. Making a big deal out of someone asking me to take down a post, when in fact I've done them a favor by featuring them. OK, no problema, it's history. I've got better things to do.

6. Fiddling around with photos to get them all the same size: who cares? I mean, composition still means a lot to me but at some point the game isn't worth the candle.

7. Providing currency conversions for items not denominated in U.S. dollars: anyone who's interested in buying something can do it just as easily as I can.

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On-time clock


"The On-time clock fast forwards three minutes of your time so you don't have to run for the bus."


Apply within.

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World's Most Polluted Places


[Graphic by Tiffany Farrant]

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My next bathtub


Featured in an April 22, 2010 New York Times story, it's the elliptical Viaggi tub, now offered in wood by MAAX, which makes "very high-end bathroom fixtures."

Prolly an understatement.

But I digress.

"Tentatively scheduled to come to market this summer, [it] will cost $12,000 to $15,000."

Let's see... if I drop my landline and dial-up internet (for backup, booboo), which come to about $1,000/year, I'll be able to afford this sweet soak in less than two decades.

Sounds like a plan.

It doesn't?

Go away.

Dreamers welcome here, scoffers go elsewhere, there're lots of other places where Doubting Thomases hang out.

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Boxoh — 'One number to track them all'


"Boxoh can track your UPS, FedEx, USPS or DHL/Airborne packages" — by entering any of these companies' tracking numbers in the box.


[via Milena, who added, "Just because I like to know where things are."]

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Chocolate-Covered Wine Grapes


Grown-up Raisinets.

Muscat grapes from Australia infused with Shiraz wine, then dipped in 60% Bissinger's dark chocolate.

8 oz. for $16.

[via Florence Fabricant and The New York Times]

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Code Red: 'iPhone/iPad app for men who need to track women's menstrual cycles'


Somebody had to write the story and it fell to the Washington Post's Monica Hesse to report on the new new thing at the App Store, an app that "prepares men for their ladies' special time of the month," as the April 22, 2010 Post story's sub-head had it.

Hesse explained how it works: "Type in the first day of your partner's cycle for a few months. Then sit back and wait for the helpful reminders to pop up on your Apple device. During PMS time, for example, a female symbol appears sporting devil horns."

She continued, "At a deep cultural level, one might speculate that the proliferation of these apps all ties into some deep fear of womanhood — an attempt by men to make sense of what they do not understand. One might offer the possibility that men would chart the life cycle of a fruit fly if they could do it on an iPad, that this is really all about gadgetry. One might also say this is gross."

The app costs $1.99.

Above, a screen shot; below, the app icon


as it would appear on your iPhone/touch/iPad should you opt in.

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Like it or not?


I happened on this leather-covered cleft oak tweed stool by British designer Simon Hasan in a Financial Times story by Janice Blackburn.


Since I couldn't decide if I liked it or not but kept looking at it, I figured I'd post it and let you decide.



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