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April 5, 2010

Check out your local Redbox's available movies from your iPhone


If you're a Redbox fan — and judging by the company's popularity, an awful lot of people are — you know how frustrating it can be to go to a kiosk in search of a particular film only to find all of them are already out.

No more.

Here's Roy Furchgott's April 1, 2010 New York Times item about the new app (free, the way we like it).



With all of the Blockbuster stores closing in my neighborhood, I’m becoming a devotee of Redbox, the DVD vending machines that charge about a dollar a day for movie rentals.

One of the best features of the Redbox machine is that it is Internet-connected, so you can go online to find which movies are available nearby, and reserve one.  Better still, with the free Redbox iPhone app, you can do it from your phone.

The app will help you locate a Redbox in your area, then you can search to see what is in that dispenser.

With up to 200 films in each box (and about 630 DVDs total), there is a lot to sort through. That is simplified by using the app’s search-by-genre feature, which lets you see only “Hit Movies,” or more common genres like Action & Adventure, Comedy and Drama. The movies are listed by release date rather than alphabetically, but  you can look for a specific title by typing it into the search field.

Touch a movie name to get a thumbnail picture of the box cover and a synopsis of the film, with information like what language subtitles are on the disc and whether it’s in wide-screen format.

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I've used RedBox 14 times (by my count) and haven't paid for a movie yet!

Insideredbox.com posts news about RedBox, but more importantly, provides codes that can be entered at the machine for a free (1-day) rental.

Although you can get one free movie each week by signing up for RedBox's newsletter service, they are one time use only, and cannot be shared.

They occasionally provide what I call "universal" codes which are one time use for each person. However, they really work 1 time for each credit card you have, as RedBox doesn't know who the purchaser is (unless you provide your email address at rental, make sure you push the "skip" button on screen near the virtual keyboard.)

I've rented 6 free movies with only 2 of these universal codes, by using a different credit card each time. You have to swipe your credit card even with a "free" rental in case you don't return it in time (9:30pm the following day in most cases)

To use a promotion code, when you walk up to the RedBox, in the lower left of the touchscreen it will say something similar to "rent with promotion code". Touch this button and a virtual keyboard will appear, where you can type in the code. The cost will then show as $0.00 at the final screen.


There's others out there if you surf the net....

Posted by: EEJ | Apr 6, 2010 11:19:20 PM

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