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April 15, 2010

iPad — The user experience: Sending a link


After using the device for nearly two weeks, it becomes apparent that among its most powerful and attractive features is the ability to almost effortlessly send email links to other people.

From Safari, anytime I see anything that might interest someone I know, I touch the + sign at the top of the screen, which opens a drop down menu (top) with three options: Add Bookmark; Add to Home Screen; Mail Link to this Page.

I touch "Mail Link to this Page" and an email To/From box appears along with the virtual keyboard.

I enter the first two letters of an email address in "To" and the entire address appears below in a new window.

I touch that and it appears in the "To" box.

I touch "Send" and it's gone, along with the little "whoosh" sound that tells me it really did happen.

Total elapsed time from deciding to send it until sent: About 5 seconds.

Bonus: No moving to a new screen, no entering my own email address since it's already there, no Captcha.

Almost perfect.

What would make it better? Gesture control sans the need to touch the screen.

What would make it perfect?

Voice control.

Coming in Gen 2, prolly.

One can dream.

Alas, there's TypePad on iPad, still sadly out of touch.

No pun intended.

If you try to create a post, the default is "Publish" instead of — as it should be and is in the full application — "Draft," so before you know it it's appeared on boj without the necessary bells/whistles/corrections/proofreading/etc.


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